Top 15 famous South African YouTubers worth watching in 2022

Top 15 famous South African YouTubers worth watching in 2022

YouTube has over the years provided content creators with an income-generating stream. Equally, internet users have benefited from the content provided on the YouTube platform. Informative content such as that provided by Suzelle and Casper Lee has enabled YouTube users to do many things on their own. What else do South African YouTubers provide? Apart from DIY information, the country's YouTubers including but not limited to Trevor Noah also provide entertainment through comedy and cultural outlook. Read on to find out more about the top South African YouTubers in South Africa.

South African Youtubers worth watching 2021
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The fact that data is expensive and not everybody has access to smartphones has not curtailed South African YouTubers from taking multimedia in a massive way in the last few years. There are a number of fascinating YouTubers in the country who are worth noting and who have been providing the country and the world with interesting content. You may ask what constitutes a YouTube personality? Well, there is no definite way of defining a YouTuber, but looking at numbers, one can easily tell who are the top vloggers in the country.

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Who are the top South African YouTubers?

Here are the top 15 most popular South African YouTubers. These individuals or duos have taken advantage of the internet for their content to reach many people around the world.

15. Okay Wasabi

Most popular South African YouTubers
Okay Wasabi, whose real name is George Mnguni, is a popular comedian with thousands of followers on Instagram. Photo: @okay_wasabi
Source: Instagram

Okay Wasabi, whose real name is George Mnguni, was born and raised in Vosloorus. He is also a rapper and has made parodies of hit songs such as The Saga by Anatii and AKA and Roll Up by Emtee. He also posts comedy skits on his channel.

14. Mark Fitzgibbon

How much do South African YouTubers earn
Mark posts parody, lifestyle, and challenge videos on his channel. Photo: @mark_fitzy
Source: Instagram

Mark Fitzgibbon is a famous YouTuber who was born on October 5th, 1993. The content creator is known for his parody, challenge, and lifestyle videos. His channel currently has 25.7k subscribers.

13. Sibu Mpanza

South African bloggers
Sibu's covers important issues like race and gender in his videos. Photo:@sibumpanza
Source: UGC

Sibu Mpanza's videos touch on important issues like race, gender, and politics, but with a touch of humor. Sibu's channel, Sibu MpanzaSA, currently has 31.8k subscribers.

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12. Lasizwe Dambuza

Who is the most famous South African YouTuber?
Lasizwe posts comedy skits on YouTube and Instagram. Photo: @lasizwe
Source: Instagram

Lasizwe is a TV personality, social media personality, radio host, comedian, actor and YouTuber.He is the younger brother to media personality, Khanyi Mbau.

Lasizwe gained fame for uploading videos of himself interpreting hpow South Africans behave on social media.

11. Siyabulela Deli (TaFire)

South African bloggers
Siyabulela Deli is also an actor and comedian. Photo: @tafire_deli
Source: Instagram

TaFire is popular for being able to flawlessly impersonate different South Africans. His channel, which he launched in 2014, currently has 42.6k subscribers.

10. AirArmsHuntingSA

top south africa youtuber
Image:, @airarmshuntingsa
Source: Instagram

Also known as MoshDubber, he is among the best performing South African vloggers in the country. He majors in providing important tips about hunting. Matt Dubber, the owner of this channel, started uploading airsoft videos back in 2013. These videos feature rifle reviews, tips, and footage from game hunts around the country. Notably, the channel does not shy away from actual hunting episodes so those with an acclaimed love for bunnies and other critters may want to skip the channel.

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One of the most popular vlogs by this YouTuber is the Egyptian Gooses Pest Control with an Airgun, which has over 6.2 million viewers. Other videos have interestingly attracted a good number of viewers making this YouTuber one of the most-watched vloggers in the country and beyond. Of late, this channel has over 413,000 subscribers.

9. SuzelleDIY

South African Youtubers
Suzelle shows how to make a DIY pallet swing for SA's first Garden Day. Photo: @gardendaysa
Source: Twitter

This channel gained popularity in 2014 and has since been featured in TV interviews and magazines. The offbeat DIY (do it yourself) videos have attracted the eyes of many YouTube users with the number ranging above 31,000,000. Julia Anastaspoulos started the channel with a How to drill without making a mess video which has to date seen a slew of views and subscribers. The YouTuber has also made a number of videos that have as well attracted thousands and even millions of viewers around the world. Suzelle has featured numerous campaigns including but not limited to Cell C and Takealot, which have helped enhance her mainstream status.

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8. Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

best South African Youtubers 2021
Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues. Photo: @5FM
Source: Twitter

One of the coloured South African comedians’ acts can be found on this channel. The channel focuses on pop culture, pranks, potty humour, and South African culture at large. Nic Smal and Gareth Allison started the channel in 2011 with their first post by the name Rebeccas Black Parody, garnering about 289,000 views. Today, the channel has over 158,000 subscribers and still counting. Notable, clips by the duo include How humans eat food, Stop the knot, and Anaconda Fart Remix. Generally, this comedy channel has been viewed by millions of YouTube users over the last years and it remains to be seen what the duo will provide this year.

7. Dragnoz

10 top South African Youtubers
Johan Kruger's channel. Photo: @dragnoz
Source: Twitter

Johan Kruger is among the most popular South African gaming YouTubers. Like the previous channel, this YouTube channel also provides comedian acts with a light touch. Johan Kruger started the handle as a personal account but transitioned it to a Minecraft. Today, this YouTuber boasts of over 107,000 subscribers. The channel is also popular for video game explanations. Notably, Kruger had been at the forefront of advocating for the use of video games in classrooms and has given numerous talks on the same. In addition, YouTube vlogger has collaborated with several international actors to popularise video games around the world.

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6. MCPEMike

10 top South African Youtubers
MCPEMike. Photo: @MCPEMikeYT
Source: Twitter

It is difficult to guess that a Minecraft YouTuber can become one of the biggest personalities in the country. Michael Philips is just but one of the few locals who has made a name for himself. This YouTuber has filmed himself over too many times having fun while playing video games. His channel, started back in 2012, which makes him one of the earliest YouTubers in the country. The channel offers tutorials besides detailing glitches in various video games. To date, it has over 284,000 subscribers a number that is growing every day.

5. Theodora Lee

10 top South African Youtubers worth
Theodora Lee. Photo: @michaellegrangephotography
Source: Instagram

Theodora Lee is among the most famous South African bloggers today. This blogger joined the race back in 2010 and has since produced many videos which provide advice to young women besides providing light content. With a following of over 201,000 subscribers, the channel has continued to grow, making the vlogger popular among cooperate actors including but not limited to Cell C and Takealot. In addition, the blogger has mentored some of the greatest contestants in the Break the Net contest.

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4. Cobus Potgieter

top South African Youtubers
Cobus Potgieter. Photo: @cobuspotgieter
Source: Instagram

This handle is also among the first ones to hit the country and has since garnered over 960,000 subscribers. The channel comprises a series of drum covers that feature cultural traditions of African people. Of late, the vlogger has taken to live touring and other contests that have helped increase popularity beyond South Africa.

3. Die Antwoord

top south africa youtubers
Image: @dieantwoord
Source: Instagram

This channel is co-owned by Yolandi and Ninja and has blazed a track of internet superstardom following. The channel has over 3.3 million subscribers thanks to their many outstanding videos including but not limited to the Fink You Freeky, Baby’s on Fire, and the Ugly Boy. The channel is within the Zodwa Wabantu YouTube range and even better. When you throw in video coverage such as Chappie, then you get one of the country’s bets and promising hit wonders. It remains to be seen what the duos will be providing over the coming months.

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2. Caspar Lee

10 top South African Youtubers
Caspar Lee. Photo: @Caspar_Lee
Source: Twitter

Now, this is one of the most popular vloggers in the country. His channel is popular among teenage and pre-teen girls who are excited to pursue his exploits. It can be likened to mihlali n by Mihlali Ndamase (one of the most popular South African beauty YouTubers), which provides makeup tips for teenage girls or Bras N Things South Africa which provides tips regarding bra size, panties, swimwear, and sleepwear. Mihlali Ndamase age is (22yrs). Lee has a steady flow of subscribers who have seen his continuous flow of cash. His uploads vary from pranks to celebrity partnerships' challenges. Well, his 6.9 million and above viewers show how much popular the YouTuber is among South Africans and other international users.

1. Trevor Noah

10 top South African Youtubers
Trevor Noah. Photo: @Trevornoah
Source: Instagram

Who is the most famous South African YouTuber? The answer is Trevor Noah. Trevor is the most famous actor and comedian in South Africa as of date. Trevor Noah hosts a daily show that has millions of viewers, making him one of the famous online personalities in and beyond South Africa. While Trevor's channel has been active since the time he picked up the daily show, it still attracts millions of viewers with the number of subscribers being above 6 million. Trevor uses the channel to preview his comedy specials and to popularise his late-night show.

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How much do South African YouTubers earn?

The website CoMoney estimates that in South Africa, YouTubers get paid around $1000 per million views.

The most popular South African YouTubers are popular not only on the platform but also on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Many of them also run successful TikTok pages with quite a number of followers. These content creators are doing a great job entertaining not only South Africans but fans worldwide.

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