The Pretoria Zoo entrance fees, activities, and camping costs for 2021

The Pretoria Zoo entrance fees, activities, and camping costs for 2021

Are you wondering what the Pretoria Zoo entrance fees are for 2021? The Pretoria Zoo is one of the best and largest zoos in the world and South Africa's only National Zoo. Apart from the Pretoria Zoo entrance fees for 2021, this article deciphers more details about the activities you could engage in at this extraordinary place.

How much does Pretoria Zoo cost?
Some of the fascinating animals at the Pretoria Zoo. Photo: @Liz-Andi Photography
Source: Facebook

Pretoria Zoo is one of the enchanting destinations, and international tourists travel from as far as South America to experience it. Therefore, it would be a pity for a resident to not visit the facility. It has a wide range of activities for different age groups and would easily pass as the best destination to reconnect with nature. Apart from Pretoria Zoo entrance fees for 2021, read on for more details on the advantages of checking it out.

Where is Pretoria Zoo situated?

The animal park is located at 232 Boom Street, Pretoria, only 5.4 km from Pretoria University. It occupies 84 Hectares of land. About 600,000 people visit the premises annually. It is home to over 209 species of mammals, 202 species of birds, 190 species of fish, and 93 species of reptiles.

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Following its establishment in 1899, the facility has been made human-friendly. Ample and safe parking space that is always guarded is available. There are also open restaurants and carts for convenient visits. In addition, there are secured campsites that make touring the site more fun for those who seek more than just a few hours of enjoying the wildlife scenery.

How much is the Pretoria zoo entrance?

How much does Pretoria Zoo cost? At the facility's entrance, you must pay an entrance fee that grants you access to all sections of the premises. These include the aviary and enclosures of different animals close to the entrance, the African Savannah section in the middle, the aquarium and reptile park on the western side, and more pens on the northern end.

How much is the entrance fee at Pretoria Zoo?

Pretoria Zoo entrance fee for 2021 varies depending on the tourist's age. The updated charges are as follows.

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  • Children (2-15 years old)- R75
  • Adults- R110
  • Parking fee (per vehicle)- R25
  • Student groups (Monday to Wednesday)- R45
  • Student groups (Thursday to Friday)- R65

Pretoria Zoo prices

Pretoria Zoo during lockdown
How much is Pretoria Zoo entrance? Photo: @Anzelle Els
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A tourist may incur extra charges inside the premises. These additional charges are mainly for added convenience and more fun activities within the zoo, and such are:

  • Children’s single-seater pushcarts- R60 for a day
  • Children’s double-seater pushcarts- R80 for a day
  • 4 Seater golf cart for 1 hour- R100
  • 4 Seater golf cart for 2 hours- R200
  • 6 Seater golf cart for 1 hour- R150

Cable cars are also available on special request for those that want the thrill of having an aerial view of the entire zoo.

  • A one-way trip on the cableway fee (Children)- R20
  • The cableway return fee (Children)-R25
  • A one-way trip on the cableway (Adult)- R25
  • The cableway return fee (Adult)-R35
  • The cableway fee (School group)- R20
  • Ride the big wheel- R4.00
  • The Zoo Choo-Choo Train- R5.00

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Pretoria Zoo camping

Pretoria Zoo during lockdown
How fun is Pretoria Zoo camping? Photo: @Hatfield's C4G - Children for God
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If you wish to experience the thrill of being in the wild at night, you could opt for the camping option. The package includes a one-hour night safari and an epic moment at the braai fires. While the zoo provides a comfortable lawn for tourists to set up their tents, tourists should bring their camping equipment, food, drinks, cutlery and crockery. Departure from the camping area is at 7h30 the following day, and camps occur on Fridays to Saturdays from 1st September to 31st March.

Pretoria Zoo camping fees are as follows,

  • Camping fee (Children)- R110
  • Camping fee (Adults)- R165
  • Camping fee (Student group)- R95

Pretoria Zoo sunset safaris

The sunset safari is another epic activity to engage in while at the location. Apart from catching the sunset, you could also watch the animals as they settle down to sleep. The guards will take you through the intricate details of the nocturnal animals and their hunting strategies.

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If you wish to go for the sunset safari, you should be at the entrance by 18h30 and leave by 23h30. The charges for the Pretoria Zoo sunset safaris are as follows,

  • Night safari (Children)- R95
  • Night safari (Student groups)- R75
  • Night Safari (Adults)- R110

How to become a friend of Pretoria Zoo

Recently, the facility introduced the annual membership option, which is cheaper and has more benefits. The yearly subscription of the package is R125 per person and R300 for the family package. The family package accommodates two adults and three children under the age of eighteen. An extra R30 is payable for every additional child. The annual member of the Friends of the Zoo subscription does not include the entrance fee.

For inquiries about becoming a friend of the zoo, reach out through any of the following contact details,

  • Physical address: 232 Boom Street, Pretoria
  • Email address:
  • Telephone number: +27(0) 12 339 2700
  • Fax number: +27(0) 12 323 4540

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The benefits of becoming a Friend of the National Zoo include,

  • Two free visits to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, including the aquarium and reptile park.
  • A discount for the monthly fun walks.
  • Participation in all the events at the premises.

Fun activities at the Pretoria Zoo

Fun activities at the Pretoria Zoo
How cool are these flamingoes? Photo: @Hearts of Hope
Source: Facebook

In addition to watching the animals, wildlife enthusiasts have a chance to adopt the animals. The adoption price range is R40-R100 annually, depending on the chosen animal. Adoption offers you free entrance into the facility. Donations are also welcome, and those who give over R900 get their names mounted next to their adopted animals.

Children can also be a part of a 4-day zoo holiday course that encourages them to participate in wildlife conservation and animal research. The vast land has unique venues to hold private functions upon request. These include children’s parties and weddings. You can also purchase unique local works from the premises.

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Things to carry to the zoo

When planning a visit to the Pretoria Zoo, you should bring comfortable shoes. Other items that you can take include water, food, cameras, protective gear such as sunglasses, and strollers. The rules strictly prohibit carrying pets, animal foods, grills, bicycles, rollerblades, and skateboards

Is alcohol allowed at Pretoria Zoo?

Alcohol is permitted in private events, but it has to be limited to the specific venue. Wandering around the zoo with alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Does the Gautrain go to Pretoria Zoo?

Without private means, local and international tourists can access the premises using the Gautrain Bus that leaves the Gautrain Pretoria Station. One should board the CBD Inner P2 van and get out at stop 7.

Is Pretoria Zoo open during lockdown?

Pretoria Zoo put up measures to ensure the welfare of its visitors, staff and animals. However, according to the Lockdown level 3 regulations, the state required that all public places of recreation remained closed. The most recent measures allowed access to public places if the set regulations were followed.

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For bookings, reach out to any of these addresses,

  • Email:
  • Telephone number: 012 339 2728
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 012 339 2844

The Pretoria Zoo is open to the public every day of the week from 09:00 to 17:30. This is a must-visit location for both local and international tourists. Not only does it offer a secured view and interactions with the enormous five as well as many other species, but it also has various fun activities. The entrance fee is very affordable, and convenience features such as carts are provided at an extra cost. Plan your visit to this fascinating location now!

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