Mpumalanga holiday destination: The best places to visit in Mpumalanga 2019

Mpumalanga holiday destination: The best places to visit in Mpumalanga 2019

Are you looking for mind-blowing Mpumalanga holiday destinations? What are the places of attractions in Mpumalanga? There are some of the best sites in the region that will overwhelm you with excitement and fun, and 2019 is a better year for the destination, considering that it is increasingly attracting more visitors. Here are the most popular holiday destinations to visit.

Mpumalanga holiday destination: The best places to visit in Mpumalanga 2019

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There are several places to visit in South Africa, making it an overwhelming experience to settle on a perfect destination. However, some tourists experience minimal difficulties with favorite destinations given their explorative nature. Nature lovers often find different sites exciting, but Mpumalanga attractions are truly irresistible. The site offers a perfect blend of fascinating historical sites and natural wonders that attracts thousands of visitors every year. There are several holiday destinations in Mpumalanga that will leave you wanting to visit the place over again.

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Top 10 tourist attractions in Mpumalanga

There are several places to visit in Mpumalanga for unending fun and adventures. Many tourists, both local and international, check in at different holiday destinations in Mpumalanga for their famous natural sites and vast experiences.

1. Nelspruit attractions

Mpumalanga holiday destination: The best places to visit in Mpumalanga 2019

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Nelspruit is famous for different sceneries, given its strategic location in Mpumalanga. The site now serves as the capital to Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. The town opens to Kruger National Park which has a diversity of wild animals. Also, rampant in the city, are botanical garden features. You will never run out of ideas on things to do in Nelspruit.

2. Dullstroom activities

Mpumalanga holiday destination

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However cold, Dullstroom is a place to visit for a fly-fishing experience like no other. The village sits on an abundant nature neighborhood that offers wonderful sceneries for hiking, thrilling horseback rides, and rare bird watching experiences. When planning on what to do in Mpumalanga, do not forget to stop at Dullstroom to catch sight of exotic birds and refreshing hikes.

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3. Panorama Route

The route is one of the most favorite places to visit in South Africa for an explorative experience. The site offers scenic drives for thousands of visitors that pour in regularly. A part of the Panorama Route is Blyde River Canyon which is among the largest canyons that stretch about 2.5 kilometers. Its strategic location below Treur and Blyde rivers is mainly what draws most visitors to the site. Besides, natural wonders such as God’s Window are thrilling and scenic. Even better, visitors to the site can catch a clear view of Mozambique and Kruger National Park. Panorama Route is expository to different primate species in South Africa including animal and bird life.

4. Barberton holiday destinations

Mpumalanga holiday destination

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Barberton town is an old country holiday destination for several tourists that love nature and biodiversity. The city is famous as an ancient gold mine and home to Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, author of Jock of the Bushveld. Besides eye-catching naturally rolling hills, visitors can acquaint with the country’s enriched heritage carefully reserved at Barberton Museum.

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5. Lowveld National Botanical Garden

Mpumalanga holiday destination

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The garden sits outside Mbombela at the heart of Mpumalanga. The garden is remarkable, considering that it supports thousands of plant species. The blooming flowery cover and display at Lowveld National Botanical is a sight you would never want to miss this upcoming holiday.

6. Pilgrims Rest town

Mpumalanga holiday destination

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The site is arguably famous from the Transvaal gold rush. Pilgrims Rest is, therefore, an excellent destination considering that the entire town is a national monument. Visiting Pilgrims Rest will expose you not only to South African history but also to tragic stories that confronted ancient gold diggers.

7. Sudwala Caves

Among the best Mpumalanga points of interest are the unusual rock formations at Sudwala Caves, which sit within the vicinity of the town, making it a relaxing holiday destination. These caves hold the record as the most ancient in the world, with researchers estimating their formation existence about 240 million years ago. Tales about the use of these caves as shelter are rampant, especially with the insurgence of Swazi brothers in the 19th century. These caves stretch about 600 meters wide and about 150 meters below the ground, and the main chamber in these caves measures 70 meters and 37 meters. Mpumalanga tourist attractions are a rare site that attracts visitors from across the world.

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8. Shangana Cultural Village

Mpumalanga holiday destination

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Most South Africans villages have continually maintained their traditions and customs, even with the influence of western culture. Visiting Shangana village will undoubtedly make your trip worthwhile. The way of life embraced by Shangaan people, beautiful Ndebele homes, and skillful beadwork of its people will leave you counting on how much value we have lost with cultural deterioration. Also, exciting at the village is a natural landscape cover that brightens the sceneries with abundance.

9. Highlands Meander

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The site lies between Panorama Route and the Cultural Heartland regions, making it a nature-friendly destination when visiting different towns such as Lydenburg, Belfast, and Dullstroom.

10. Lowveld Legogote

There are several things to do in Mpumalanga for a bright holiday experience. For instance, Lowveld Legogote offers exciting dolomite caves surrounded by an abundant rain forest. Many people tour the site for nature exploration and a break from a busy urban lifestyle.

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If you are reflecting on places to go for your next trip, do not hesitate to consider Mpumalanga holiday destination. These sites are catchy and suitable for families and team bonding experiences with long-standing memories.


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