What is the average salary in South Africa 2019

What is the average salary in South Africa 2019

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries on the African continent and in the world. It has produced famous prominent leaders such as Nelson Mandela, making most people want to relocate to this country. However, most people are often not aware of what businesses prosper in the region, making them speculate on the average salary in South Africa.

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The average salary in South Africa varies with each year. Therefore, do not expect the average salary mentioned in 2017 to be the same as that of 2019.

The average salary South Africa

Since people have different careers, they do not get the same payments. Similarly, the pay one acquires for a specific profession varies in different countries. For this reason, before relocating to another country, for example, to the land once ruled by the prominent leader Nelson Mandela, it is vital to take a look at the payment offered. It will help them make a clear decision on which job to take. Salaries in South Africa depend on one’s profession and designation.

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For example, the pay of a commercial worker is different from that of a doctor. Similarly, the wages of a dishwasher and that of a head chef differ. Despite all these differences, an estimate has been calculated, leading to the average salary that a person working in this nation can earn. As of 2019, an individual working in the country receives around 31,393 ZAR per month, making it the South Africa average salary. The 31, 393 ZAR monthly pay includes housing, transport, and other necessary benefits.

Average salary in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most gorgeous and influential places in the seventh largest country in Africa. There are several occupations in Cape Town, but the most popular ones are those of Software developers, Office Administrators, and Operations Managers who get salaries between R109,802 and R306,673 a year. Such pays make most people long to work in this area. Similarly, since there are various industries in Cape Town such as insurance, financial services, and retail, it makes people even more eager to work here.

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south africa average salary

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The most famous employers in Cape Town are Woolworths, Sanlam, and Capitec Bank. The average salary in Cape Town is R208,092 per year. Most people believe that this figure is a massive contributor to the average South African salary.

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Wages in South Africa

There are various professions that an individual can adopt when living in this hardworking and ambitious country. For instance, an individual can decide to be a kindergarten teacher, a registered nurse (RN), a physician, an accountant, a plumber, a chef, among many others. Whichever profession one decides to take up; it all depends on the passion and education background of an individual.

Since the average salary in South Africa as of 2019 is around 31,393 ZAR per month, individuals tend to assume that the median pay of any worker in the country is either the same amount as the average payment, or is higher than the named average amount. Although some jobs concur with their notion, not all salaries South Africa are higher or even close to the average wage. Here are some of the median wages of some professions in this nation presently:

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  • Accountant-Median Pay of R263,195
  • Registered Nurse (RN)-Median Salary of R222,056
  • Electrician- Median Pay of R223,167
  • Office Administrator-Median Pay of R105,209
  • Software Developer-Median Salary of R288,554

Salary grades South Africa

Last year in 2018, the country experienced a recession during the half of the year. The recession left the country’s GDP declining and the unemployment rates rising. However, the country managed to beat the recession, and currently, the economy is picking up. The latest statistics indicate that despite the hiccup the country experienced in 2018, there are specific jobs that are performing well to the extent that you would not believe they were affected by the recession. However, financials believe this year that salaries will increase by 10-15%.

When looking at the professions in this gorgeous country, financial analysts realized that there were three best-paid jobs in South Africa. The first profession was the Group/Regional CFO, which is in the Finance and Accounting department. The average salary of a Group/Regional CFO was estimated to be a solid R4,750,000 and could reach a maximum of R6,000,000.

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The second job was that of a Partner in an international firm in the legal sector, which had an average salary of R2,000,000. The top pay that one can acquire in this profession is R5,000,000. The third best paying job in the country currently is that of a General Counsel in the legal sector earning R1,800,000 and could make a potential R5,000,000.

What is a good salary in South Africa?

Our country is one of the countries in Africa known to have an appealing and stable economy. Due to this, most people are always trying to look for answers to questions such as ‘What is a good salary in South Africa?’ ‘What is the range of salaries in South Africa?’ or ‘What is the average salary in South Africa?’ All these questions are very vital for individuals looking to live in South Africa and to those already living there.

Salaries in South Africa range between 4,249 ZAR to 139,013 ZAR monthly. The two figures are the minimum and maximum wages in the pay scale South Africa respectively. According to payscale SA, the median wage of any South African resident is 30,765 ZAR per month. It goes to mean that half of the population in SA are earning a figure that is less than 30,765 ZAR, while the other half bags an amount higher than the 30,765 ZAR.

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South Africa is one of the most industrialized countries in the continent. The manufacturing industries in the country make its economy outshine that of other countries in the African continent. The industrialization explains the high average salary in South Africa.

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