How does bid or buy work in South Africa

How does bid or buy work in South Africa

Online shopping platforms have made life so simple and so easy. Gone are the days when one would have to spend the longest time on long queues in supermarkets trying to make a purchase. That hustle and trouble have been sorted out by the online shopping stores. One such store that you ought to try out is bid or buy, hence getting insight into how does bid or buy work in South Africa will come in handy.

How does bid or buy work in South Africa

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Are you into business and are looking for a platform where you can market your products and make sales? If that is the case, there are several legit sites where sellers can market their products. Amidst the hype that online marketing sites have brought up, you could strategically position yourself by working with a site that guarantees to give the best service in the business. One commendable platform is bid or buy, hence the need to know how does bid or buy work in South Africa?

How does bid or buy work?

The two main activities that take place on the site are buying and selling. Sellers post the details of the items that they wish to sell on the platform. Buyers, on the other hand, have two main options that they can choose from. One of the options is bidding whereas the other one is buying.

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Bidding and Buying

Bid or buy provides for three main listings. These listings are:

  1. Auction
  2. Buy now
  3. Classified

Each one of these listings has an impact on the price that one buys the goods for.

1. Auction

For this listing, the seller has more control over the starting price of the product. The seller also has control over the bidding increment and at times the reserve price. A seller is also at liberty to decide the buy-now price in the auction listings.

The bidding process involves buyers proposing the best price for the product and the buyer that gives the highest bid buys the product.

2. Buy now

This is another option in the listing. It does not involve any forms of negotiation since the price that the seller indicates on the product is the final price. By clicking on the buy now option in the product, the product is automatically added to the cart after which you can proceed to pay for the product.

3. Classified

This listing is meant for specified products like cars and property. Here, the buyer communicates directly to the seller after which they can proceed with negotiations followed by the transaction.

How to sell on bid or buy

How does bid or buy work in South Africa

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Selling on bid or buy is as simple as buying from the site. It involves registering an account on the site. The other thing that a seller should take into consideration is ensuring that they are selling products that are legal. A seller should also ensure that they are in possession of the goods that they are posting on the site.

1. Check out the site's charges

Apart from the few checks on the products and the site that you will be selling on, going through the site's fee rate card since the site charges sellers on every sale that they make. There are three types of fees that the website charges sellers:

  • Success Fee and Final Order Value Fee
  • Enhancement Fees
  • Listing Fees

A seller can find out more details about the fees by clicking here. A seller could also improve their credibility by striving to have their account verified.

2. List your products

This is the second step of the process. It involves creating a listing for the products that you wish to sell. This is the time to consider whether you will sell it as auction, buy-now or opt to list it in the classified category.

In this category, you will be required to respond to the clients whenever they reach out to you. You will also be required to check out for any payment that clients will be making.

3. Attend to the orders

After going through the orders and purchases that clients would have made, you can go ahead to making arrangements on how the products will get to the client. You could also exercise your customer care skills by sending your contacts emails to inform them about the delivery of their purchase.

If you were looking for tips on how to sell online South Africa, implementing these tips will come in handy in your course.

How do you buy something on Bid or Buy?

How does bid or buy work in South Africa

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If you were thinking that the website is all about how to sell products online in South Africa, you are wrong because the site also allows its users to purchase goods from sellers. Being equipped with details about how to buy from bid or buy SA will go a long way. The process is as simple as following these steps:

1. Registering an account

By registering an account, you will be recognised as a buyer. The process of registering an account is as simple as clicking here.

2. Finding the item that you wish to purchase

After creating an account, you can comfortably login to the platform through your bid or buy mobile app, that will give details of the different categories of products that are on sale. It will also provide the listings of the different products and the flexibility of their prices.

After finding the product, it will be wise to check out its description to ensure that it satisfies your expectations. It will also be prudent of you to check out the shipping fee of the product. If you would like to get clarification on the products, you can contact the seller.

You could also check out the seller's rating and make a judgement on the purchase.

3. Make your order

If you are satisfied with the reviews on the products and the seller, you can proceed to complete the order and making the payment.

After receiving your product, you could go the extra mile to rate the seller.

The process of buying a product from bid or buy KZN is not any different since nearly the same rules apply and the procedure is the same.

Bid or buy is one of the few online sites that has provided a platform for different sellers to get to their buyers. If you were wondering about how to sell online, making this site the plug could change your life and equally impact your business. If you wish to get into the business on how to buy and sell South Africa, these tips on how does bid or buy work will be beneficial.



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