Andre de Ruyter age, children, wife, education, qualifications, Eskom, Salary and latest news

Andre de Ruyter age, children, wife, education, qualifications, Eskom, Salary and latest news

Andre de Ruyter, a man with a wealth of experience in the petrochemical industry, is currently topping the news. His name has been on the headlines after he was appointed as the new CEO of Eskom after an interview that was on 18th November 2019. You might be interested in knowing more about him and why he is the centre of attention.

Andre de Ruyter age, children, wife, education, qualifications, Eskom, Salary and latest news

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Andre de Ruyter, the CEO of Nampak Limited, was appointed as the CEO of Eskom. He is expected to take over office on 15th January 2019. This appointment comes four months after Phakamani Hadebe resigned from the position in July. However, the news has been accepted with a lot of controversies. Some of the government bodies have questioned it while others have proven their confidence in him. You might want to know him more and why he has stirred mixed reactions.

Andre de Ruyter biography

These are some of the details that might come in handy in making a judgement on whether or not the latter deserved the position.

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Andre de Ruyter age

The latter is fifty years old. He was born in Pretoria.

Andre de Ruyter wife

The latter is married.

Andre de Ruyter children

He is the father of three children.

André de Ruyter education

The latter obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of Pretoria. He then proceeded to the Universiteit Nyenrode Netherlands Business School for his Master in Business Administration. He then enrolled at the University of South Australia for his Master of Laws and, later on, the University of South Australia for his LLB.

André de Ruyter qualifications

The latter has more than twenty years of experience in the petrochemicals industry. For the twenty years, he has served the following managerial positions:

  • General Manager of Sasol Ltd;
  • The Senior Executive at Sasol Ltd;
  • The CEO Designate and the Executive Director of Nampak Ltd;
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Nampak Ltd.

He has also worked in different countries like Nigeria, Angola, China, the USA, to mention a few.

André de Ruyter Eskom

Andre de Ruyter age, children, wife, education, qualifications, Eskom, Salary and latest news

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The latter was among the one-hundred and forty-two candidates who were contesting for the position of CEO of Eskom. Out of the one hundred and forty-two, eight were employees at Eskom. Announcing that the latter had qualified for the job, the Minister of Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan stated:

The final interview process was undertaken, after which the panel ranked three candidates from six. After further interviews, a list of three candidates with the indication of a preferred candidate was submitted to the shareholder in terms of the memorandum of incorporation (MOI) between Eskom and the government.

Reaction to the appointment of Andre de Ruyter as CEO of Eskom

The recent appointment of Andre de Ruyter as CEO of Eskom has stirred controversy in the country. Some of the government officials have come out to question and even rejected the appointment. Others have been in full support and stated that Andre is the best candidate for the post.

The ANC commended de Ruyter's appointment

The ANC was among the few parties that have boldly lauded the appointment. The party, through its spokesperson, stated:

The ANC wishes Mr De Ruyter well… and assures him of the governing party’s support for the efforts he will lead to set Eskom on a footing that will enable our economy to grow and contribute to energy security in the SADC region.

The party's spokesperson also affirmed that the party was content with the appointment.

National Union of Mineworkers rejected the appointment

The National Union of Mineworkers, the majority union in the utility, declined the appointment stating that Andre De Ruyter was a 'white outsider'. The president of NUM went further to state that the latter was not even from Eskom and neither did he have experience in working in the body.

He went further to state that his appointment overlooked other black executives who had applied for the same position. As though that was not enough, he affirmed that black people matter and that the country was not in the age and era where black people were being marginalised. He finished his speech by stating that his union had rejected the appointment.

The EFF reacts to the matter

The EFF also expressed dissatisfaction in the appointment. The political party claimed that it was racist and that de Ruyter was a tool in a 'racist project' by the minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan. According to the EFF, the project was meant to undermine Africans.

The spokesman of the EFF went further to state that the Public Enterprises Minister had created a notion that Africans were corrupt. As a result, he had for the past couple of months removed most of the Africans from most of the SOEs and replaced them with white ministers. The party's main concern is that some of the white ministers who were being put in the positions were neither experienced nor qualified.

Andre de Ruyter salary

Andre de Ruyter age, children, wife, education, qualifications, Eskom, Salary and latest news

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For the past half a decade that the latter has served as the CEO of Nampak, he used to earn R18 million annually. However, there are high chances that Andre's annual salary might be lower than what he used to earn at Nampak.

Andre de Ruyter latest news

The South African Energy Forum has joined the list of parties that have come out to question the appointment of Andre de Ruyter. The forum has called upon the Minister of Enterprises to present the video interviews as well as all the documents of the candidates that were interviewed on 18th November 2019 before the decision was made. The forum has also declared that the process was flawed hence questionable.

Through a letter, The South African Energy Forum expressed its worry on how Andre had landed the position and yet he did not have any experience in the energy or utility field. The body also expressed its concern over the relationship that the latter had with the minister of finance.

With the current conditions of power and utility in the country, do you think that Andre de Ruyter is the best option to change the situation for the better? Be sure to check out the latest developments on the story to ascertain whether the process was fair.



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