“My Husband Found My Tinder Profile and Now Wants To Divorce Me”: Relationship Expert Reacts

“My Husband Found My Tinder Profile and Now Wants To Divorce Me”: Relationship Expert Reacts

  • A woman shared that her husband found out she had a Tinder profile, and he now wants to divorce her
  • The heartbroken woman doesn't want a divorce and claims she was only on the dating app to see what the fuss was about
  • Relationship expert Penny Holburn explains how the woman can address the situation and why her husband feels so betrayed
Anonymous wrote: "My husband's best friend, who is single, found my Tinder profile and told him about it. Now, my husband wants to divorce me. At first, I just wanted to see what the Tinder fuss was about, but now I'm addicted to it. I haven't had any physical affairs, but I have chatted to some of the people who showed interest in me. Is this cheating? What do I do?"

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Husband finds wife on Tinder
A man found his wife on Tinder and now wants to divorce her. She asked an expert for advice (Image for illustration purposes only).
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Relationship expert says emotional affairs can be just as tough as physical ones

Penny Holburn is a life, career, and business coach who has been running her own coaching business since 2010. She has spent 20 years as a consultant in psychological assessment, organisational development, personal and business change, leadership development, coaching and counselling.

Speaking to Briefly News, relationship expert Penny Holburn said many people consider an emotional affair just as bad as a physical affair. Holburn explains that emotional affairs can be just as devastating to the other party.

Holburn advised that even though no physical contact happened, her husband could be devastated.

"There are some questions the reader needs to consider. If she was interested in seeing what Tinder was like, why did she not discuss this with her husband up front?

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"For some reason, she wanted to do this in secret. Why? Is there something that was missing in the marriage?"

Expert says something may be missing

Holburn points out that the woman is addicted to Tinder, which indicates something is missing from her life.

"We get addicted to habits because they fulfil a (usually emotional) need."

Try to work it out if your relationship was good before

Penny advised that if the marriage was fairly good before this, the couple should try to work it out. Then, the woman needs to look at why there was a need to go on Tinder and stay there.

"It may be that the marriage can be saved if her husband understands why she needed to do this and the reasons for her needing to do this are addressed."

Disclaimer: Advice given in this article is general and is not the views of Briefly News. It is not intended to influence a reader's decisions. Readers are advised to seek professional help before making any decisions.

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