Mortified Woman Shares How Caregiver Used 5kg Washing Powder in 20 Days for 2 People: Mzansi Reacts

Mortified Woman Shares How Caregiver Used 5kg Washing Powder in 20 Days for 2 People: Mzansi Reacts

  • This woman could not believe her eyes when she saw the caregiver had used five kgs of washing powder in 20 days
  • Twitter user @MissSteelo turned to social media for advice on how she should deal with this drama
  • Speaking to Briefly News, the mortified woman shared that she is still trying to process what happened
  • Mzansi people took to the comment section to share some advice, and some turned to humour as the only option

This woman hired a caregiver to alleviate the burden of caring for her mother in the early stages of dementia. Still, she's grappling with laundry-related challenges that she doesn't know how to address.

This woman could not believe her eyes when she saw the caregiver had used five kgs of washing powder in 20 days
This woman did not know which way to turn when she heard the five kg washing powder was done in 20 days. Image: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Domestic workers and caregivers can be God sent. However, some can also make more mess than what you had without them.

Woman shares caregiver laundry horror story

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In a moment of total disbelief, Twitter user @MissSteelo took to the streets of X to get some advice on the laundry horror thrust upon her.

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The woman shared that the caregiver had used a five kg washing powder in 20 short days on just two people's laundry. No matter the things she thought, there was no reasonable explanation for this; she needed help.

“My mom's caregiver uses 5kg of washing powder in 20 days in a two-people household Don't even know how to address this.”

Mortified woman spills the stain remover

Speaking to Briefly News, the woman shared that this caregiver was employed to help lighten the load of a tricky situation (her mom being diagnosed with dementia), not add to it. A five kg washing powder typically lasts this family eight weeks, not 20 days.

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They are going through a lot, and there is no extra money for anything, especially not excessive washing powder use.

She explained her story, sympathising with the caregiver who has been a blessing until now, explaining that she doesn't know how to handle what happened.

“It's been three months now (since employment). We asked her to join us because my mom's health was deteriorating due to the early stages of dementia. And I must be honest, she's been mostly really great. She's a hard worker.
“ I was hurt when I found out this morning that I had to buy more washing powder because January wasn't too kind to me. I survived an accident in December, and my medical bills are high... coupled with my daughter's school things.
“I haven't had the chance to address it, so I had to ask the X community how to address such an issue, as it was the first for me. Also, consider the age gap issue.”

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Mzansi people give the lady advice

People took to the comment section to give the lady some much-needed and appreciated advice. Some got serious, while others turned to humour.

Read some of the comments:

@KhulaniMalambe suggested:

“Must we tell her?”

@MrsNoma put it out there:

“Just so you know, in our household of two, a five kg lasts three to five months”

@Ntokozo101 asked:

“How old is she? I’m only asking this because my own mother, when she visits me, uses so much washing powder. I’ve seen her with my own two eyes. So wasteful, girl! Uthe la waya waya. She’s in her 60s, but I never said anything! uthe la ngathi uwasha izono Zethu.”

@rhulanipm shared:

“We are also being searched when leaving our work premises... Your mom must start practising that.”

@bonolo79 said:

“Better to apportion in the amount that you use is sufficient per wash and give to her on days that she does the laundry. You will be able to see if she needs two portions or three based on the amount of laundry for the day. Important that you let her know why you are doing this.”

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Woman shares what she saw after putting camera in worker's room

Briefly News reported that footage showing a domestic worker having a nice dance time in her room has generated a buzz online. The woman shared the video of her worker, explaining that she put a camera in the lady's room.

In the clip, the domestic worker had little kids but did not mind as she danced happily. She moved her body around like a song was playing in the room.

The woman found her behaviour hilarious, saying she danced like she was at gunpoint. The clip did not sit well with netizens, who blamed the madam for invading her worker's privacy.

Source: Briefly News

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