Prince Kaybee Shows Off Lean Body From 6 Days Fasting and Training Regimen: “Never Felt Better”

Prince Kaybee Shows Off Lean Body From 6 Days Fasting and Training Regimen: “Never Felt Better”

  • Prince Kaybee showed off his new body after nearly a week of training and fasting
  • The disc jockey opened up about his regimen, saying he's been consistent for six days and has never felt better
  • Briefly News spoke to fitness expert, Mothusi Maepa, about the effectiveness of the regimen as well as some tips for beginners
Prince Kaybee showed off his body from fasting and training
Prince Kaybee opened up about his fasting and training regimen after six days. Images: princekaybee_sa
Source: Instagram

Prince Kaybee says he feels better than ever after taking on a fasting and training regimen. The car enthusiast opened up about his routine, saying he's been at it for nearly a week and eats only once a day, and fans are curious about how he gets through his days.

Prince Kaybee shows off fitness results

Our man Prince Kaybee is starting the year on a healthy note and recently began an intense fasting and training regimen.

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The Club Controller posted results on his social media pages looking lean and mean, saying he's been consistent for six days and feels fantastic.

"Been fasting and training religiously for the past six days - it's a 24-hour fast, I eat only at 8PM every night. No juices, just one meal and water, and I've never felt better."

Speaking to Mothusi Maepa, fitness expert and certified personal trainer, he commented on Prince Kaybee's regimen:

"The fast is extremely effective because it involves being on an intense calorie deficit. However, 24-hour fasting is not recommended for the average person as it can be dangerous because the body runs out of energy (glycogen)."

Our expert went on to share some tips for the everyday person to kick off their fitness journey:

"For an average person, it's recommended to fast for at least 12 to 16 hours. The average male would need to be in a calorie deficit and take on less than the recommended amount of calories (~2500kcal, females is ~2000kcal) to start seeing results.

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"You can combine cardiovascular training and strength training to effectively lose fat and build mass. Cardiovascular exercises include burpees and box jumps, while for strength training, you can do chest presses and barbell squats, etc."

Mzansi weighs in on Prince Kaybee's diet

Netizens were curious about KaBillion's fitness and fasting routine, and the sim-racer was more than willing to shed some light while the ladies thirsted away:

SandiRayii asked about the fast:

"Don't you get hungry?"

Prince Kaybee responded:

"I do, but it gets better with time."

DrMom_Cooks was curious about Kaybee's meal plan:

"What meal would you typically eat when breaking that fast at 8, KB?"

Prince Kaybee answered:

"It differs, but my go-to is bread and eggs or chicken with vegetables. I try not to get my insulin high so that I regulate the hunger."

Naphakade13 enquired about water intake:

"Can one drink water during the day? Or only after 8?"

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Prince Kaybee advised:

"Drink as much water as you can."

SithaleKgaogelo asked about Kaybee's training regimen:

"What are your lifting routines?"

Prince Kaybee said:

"The basics; weights, a lot of pullups, a lot of pushups, bicycle and core training."

FeZintle asked about the end goal:

"What’s your goal if I may ask?"

Prince Kaybee answered:


Nkanyiso18 was curious about Kaybee's sleep schedule:

"And sleep at what time?"

@=Prince Kaybee said:

"Around 10, but because I’m a vampire, I do 12 latest."

Prince Kaybee ignites ladies with photos

In an earlier report, Briefly News caught online reactions to Prince Kaybee's photos that had ladies weak in the knees.

Mzansi women couldn't keep calm after Kaybee posted selfies casually driving and smoking.

Source: Briefly News

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