My Desire June 2022 Teasers: Preesha and Rudraksh’s Whirlwind Romance, StarLife New Series

My Desire June 2022 Teasers: Preesha and Rudraksh’s Whirlwind Romance, StarLife New Series

My Desire promises to bring romance and intrigue between Preesha and Rudraksh. The two meet under unusual circumstances as Rudraksh is a rockstar with commitment issues, while Preesha will need his help for something strange. Will the two get together? Or will obstacles prove too much for them? Keep reading My Desire June teasers 2022 to find out.

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'My Desire', Preesha, Rudraksh, Hindi soapie, love story, rockstar, 'My Desire' June 2022 teasers, Saaransh
'My Desire' will see Preesha go from a doctor to a desperate woman. Rudraksh's rockstar life will be tested. Image: Facebook/StarlifeAfrica
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Preesha and Rudraksh are from different worlds, but can they make it together? While Rudraksh is a single bachelor, Preesha has familial responsibilities with a young Saaransh. How could the two ever make it work, especially when Preesha faces trouble but Rudraksh is none the wiser about how to help her?

My Desire June 2022 teasers

StarLife gives audiences many series, and its new Hindi drama series will be action-packed. Preesha is the perfect single lady, but this may not be enough for commitment-phobe Rudraksh. The two make an unlikely pair when Preesha is cornered and made desperate. Preesha is also a mother to Saaransh, but not through the usual means. My Desire teasers continue below. Who will be the series' villain?

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9 June 2022, Thursday: Episodes 1 and 2

Preesha, an accomplished doctor, and rockstar Rudraksh have a heated first encounter. Are the two meant to be?

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Preesha's history comes to the surface. Rudraksh receives sound, serious allegations from Kaveri. Preesha is devastated to learn about Yuvraj's crush.

10 June 2022, Friday: Episodes 3 and 4

Yuvraj creates a rift between Rudraksh and Preesha. Yuvraj also does the unthinkable to Rudraksh.

Raman and Ishita attend Yuvraj and Preesha's engagement party. Gopal Krishnan makes a decision that may ruin Rudraksh. Police pitch up at an event with a warrant.

11 June 2022, Saturday: Episodes 5 and 6

Gopal Krishnan does not want to apologise to Rudraksh, but Raman and Ishita continue to try and reason with him. Preesha's world is rocked when Saaransh disappears.

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'My Desire', Saaransh, Preesha, mother, Hindi soapie, Gopal Krishnan, Shrinivasan family
'My Desire' sees Preesha's first major reason for panic when her son Saanransh is nowhere to be found. Will she find her bundle of joy? Image: Facebook/Abrar Qazi
Source: UGC

Rudraksh finds out something that stuns him. The Shrinivasans get ready for Saaransh's thread ceremony. Preesha and Rudraksh have an awkward moment.

12 June 2022, Sunday: Episodes 7 and 9

The Shrinivasans do not expect Rudraksh's gift at Saaransh's thread ceremony ritual. Rudraksh aims to impress Preesha.

Rudraksh tries to score brownie points with Preesha by giving her something. Aahana has a sly plan to get Saaransh to skip school.

13 June 2022, Monday: Episodes 9 and 10

Rudraksh tries to get into Preesha's good graces again while they are stuck in a library. Yuvraj tries to scare Rjiv with an aggressive warning. Rudraksh spares some time for his mother.

Preesha gets violent with Rudraksh and continues to take attend court.

14 June 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 11 and 12

Preesha passes out live in court. Things are not going well for Yuvraj. Rudraksh picked up a sad-looking Saaransh from school.

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Rudraksh tries to cheer Saaransh up by singing but remembers his mother instead. Yuvraj becomes aware of a thrilling fact about Rajiv.

15 June 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 13 and 14

Rudraksh makes a big move on Mishika, ignoring his own desires. Yuvraj decides to use his newfound information against Rajiv. The Shrinivasans prepare for Preesha and Yuvraj's big event.

Rajiv makes a desperate move against his father to catch his blackmailer. Preesha reunites Bubbles and Bunt, but Rudraksh thinks something does not add up about Preesha.

16 June 2022, Thursday: Episodes 15 and 16

Rudraksh is surprised that he and Mishka will make a big move soon. Balraj finds that someone stole his valuable necklace.

Preesha gets ready for her mehndi ceremony, but Rudraksh notices something interesting around her neck. Preesha's mother faces an epic embarrassment at the Khurana house.

17 June 2022, Friday: Episode 17 and 18

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Rudraksh is the hero of the day for Preesha's mother after he saves her from Ahana. Later, Rajiv has nowhere to run, and Rudraksh confronts him.

Rajiv must rush to the hospital for Saaransh. Meanwhile, Rudraksh makes hurried plans to avoid his commitment to Mishika.

18 June 2022, Saturday: Episodes 19 and 20

Rajiv remembers his history with Mahima after eavesdropping on Preesha speaking to her nurse. Ahana is angered by what Rajiv decides.

Yuvraj comes up with a sly strategy at the helm of his wedding. Rudraksh practices for his upcoming show. Yuvraj gets a present from Preesha's parents.

19 June 2022, Sunday: Episodes 21 and 22

Rudraksh organises a birthday surprise for Rajiv. Yuvraj makes a drastic decision about Rajiv to save his own skin. Preesha is waiting to see Yuvraj at the Mandap.

Preesha and her parents will do anything to find Yuvraj while Rudraksh's show starts. Yuvraj put his plan against Rajiv into play using his car.

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20 June 2022, Monday: Episodes 23 and 24

Preesha becomes more uneasy. Yuvraj does not help Rajiv have a peaceful end. Balraj causes Bunty to lie to Rudraksh about Rajiv's arrival time.

Preesha has questions for Yuvraj about Rajiv. Rudraksh learns the appalling truth. Saaransh listens to Vasudha speaking to Gopal Krishnan.

21 June 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 25 and 26

Preesha's out-of-this-world statement gets her in trouble with the police. Rudraksh is sent reeling at the news about what happened to Rajiv.

Rudraksh cannot handle seeing Preesha interrogated by police and gets violent. Yuvraj covers his tracks by spinning tales to Preesha's parents.

22 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 27 and 28

Saaransh gets emotional when he is torn away from Preesha while Rudraksh wallows in a deep depression. Yuvraj continues to lie and deceive Gopal Krishnan about the truth about Rajiv.

Saaransh is determined to help Preesha. Rudraksh does not want anyone to touch what remains of Rajiv.

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23 June 2022, Thursday: Episodes 29 and 30

Saaransh gets scolded, while Preesha is traumatised by what happened in prison. Rudraksh sees photos of the crime scene.

Ahana shows no mercy to Saaransh at school. GPS finds out that Yuvraj will oversee Preesha's court case. Rudraksh makes a proposal to Yuvraj about Preesha's conviction.

24 June 2022, Friday: Episodes 31 and 32

After Yuvraj's unbelievable conclusion, Preesha falls unconscious from shock. Vasudha delivers the news to Preesha that Saaransh was abducted.

Rudraksh uses Preesha as a punching bag for his frustrations. The two are in for a surprise as they read a letter from Raman Bhalla.

25 June 2022, Saturday: Episodes 33 and 34

Rudraksh cannot believe what he learns about Saaransh and Rajiv, while Preesha has her suspicions about everything being a lie. Rudraksh is greatly moved by something Saaransh does.

Yuvraj is in hot water when Preesha questions him about Rajiv. Preesha is crushed when she hears some devastating news.

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26 June 2022, Sunday: Episodes 35 and 36

The police are in awe of Preesha's brave act. Rudraksh makes a wow to his brother. Yuvraj makes a proposal to Preesha.

GPS and Vasudha become aware of Yuvraj's plan. Rudraksha finds out a remarkable truth. Saaransh pays Rudraksh an unexpected visit.

27 June 2022, Monday: Episodes 37 and 38

Saaransh does everything he can to meet Preesha and the police. Yuvraj and Preesha's union rituals are set to commence. Rudraksh is nowhere to be found.

A big surprise awaits Preesha. Yuvraj gets rattled when his plan to do with his legal right to Saaransh goes out of the window.

28 June 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 39 and 40

Rudraksh finally tells all to Preesha as Yuvraj promises payback. Rudraksh's plan gets out of control when he implicates Mishika.

Preesha reminisces about Saaransh, while Saaransh says his goodbyes to the Shrinivasans when Rudraksh fetches him.

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29 June, Wednesday 2022: Episodes 41and 42

Rudraksh's family did not expect his arrival with Saaransh. Yuvraj finds out some abhorrent news. Saaransh does the unexpected, which takes Rudraksh aback.

Saaransh bonds with Rudraksh as they have a sleepover. Will Rudraksh take matters into his own hands?

30 June 2022, Thursday: Episodes 43 and 44

Saaransh continues to play tricks on those around him, including Mishka, who is preparing for something big with Rudraksh. Preesha wants to speak to Saaransh for the last time before receiving her punishment.

Saaransh is restless about the big event between Mishka and Rudraksh's wedding ceremony. Yuvraj is back to square one when Rajiv's case gets opened again.

What will happen to My Desire cast members?

My Desire promises a series of hectic events in the new spin-off from This Is Love from StarLife. Preesha will bear much of the drama that Season 1 has in store. How will Preesha deal with her life being turned upside down? They say every story needs a bad guy. Yuvraj brings all the sauce for the first season as he causes havoc for Preesha, Rudraksh and more. Be sure to find out more by watching My Desire on StarLife from Monday to Sunday at 8pm.

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Career woman and caregiver Preesha will meet Rudraksh, but will she live to regret the encounter? Preesha faces a grizzly journey of lies and setups. From a wedding to murder, the doctor must deal with an enemy she never saw coming. Preesha also has her sister's child Saaransh to protect from the great evil Yuvraj.

'My Desire', Preesha, Rudraksh , Saaransh, Yuvraj, protects son, Hindi TV show
'My Desire' brings Preesha's fight for her life as she will have to make the most selfless decision of her life. Image: Imgflip/modified by author
Source: UGC


Rudraksh faces a foe who is merciless. Lying and scheming are the order of the day with Yuvraj, who sends most of the characters into a tailspin, especially Rudraksh. Rudraksh will face some of the biggest losses of his life, thanks to Yuvraj. Can this evil be stopped, or will everyone fall prey to his schemes? Can Rudkrash and Preesha's light conquer the darkness they will face?

'My desire', Rudraksh, Preesha, Yuvraj, 'My Desire' hero, enemies, Hindi drama, Starlife
'My Desire' will put its hero Rudraksh to the ultimate test as he loses family but finds comfort with Preesha for how long before evil destroys it all? Image: Facebook/Abrar Qazi
Source: Facebook

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