How to check Truworths account balance and payment options online?

How to check Truworths account balance and payment options online?

Truworths is a clothing retail company with stores in South Africa and other African countries. The company sells perfumes, homeware products, clothing, bags, and footwear for ladies, men, teenagers and kids. They also have accessories, makeup, and skincare products. A Truworths account allows you to buy their products online. Discover online payment options at Truworths and how to check your Truworths account balance here.

Truworths account balance
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Truworths International Ltd is linked to many stores, including Ginger Mary, Truworths Woman, Daniel Hechter, Earthchild, Truworths Man, Outback Red, and Emily Moon. These clothing and fashion stores primarily target youthful people in Africa.

How to check Truworths account balance?

You need a Truworths account to order goods online. The company will deliver your order within 5-7 working days of receipt of your payment. Additionally, Truworths will notify you if they cannot deliver the goods within the delivery period. To check your Truworths account balance online:

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check Truworths account balance
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  • Click "Log in."
  • Enter your password.
  • Click "Log in."
  • You can access all the details about your account once you log in.

How to check Truworths account balance via SMS?

Send the word "BAL" followed by your account number or ID number to 31580 to receive a Truworths account balance check SMS on your phone.

Where to find your Truworths account number online?

Log into your Truworths account and check your 14-digit account number on your monthly Truworths or PAY3 account statement.

Which banks does Truworths accept payments from?

All Trusworths branches use Standard Bank. You can also make a Truworths account payment online through EasyPay at stores that accept EasyPay.

You need these details to make your payment:

  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account holder: Truworths
  • Account number: 070296839
  • Branch code: 020909

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check Truworths account balance
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Which stores are partnered with Truworths?

Truworths partners with Hemisphere, Trench, Moskow, Extream, Inwear, Identity, Daniel Hechter, LTD, LTD Kids, Ginger Mary, Uzzi, Hey Betty, Outback Red, OBR, Finnigans, Emily Moon, Earthaddict, Earthchild, Naartjie, Office London, Loads of Living, Context, Fuel, and Primark.

In which stores can I use my Truworths card?

You can pay with a Truworths card at Truworths, Truworths Man, LTD, Uzzi, DH, Naartjie, Earthchild, Earthaddict, and Office London stores.

What is a PAY3 account?

A Truworths PAY3 account allows you to split purchases into three interest-free payments: a single upfront payment at the time of purchase (this amount could be up to 50% of the purchase amount - Truworths store staff will let you know your initial payment amount at the time of your purchase) followed by two equal monthly payments.

What are the benefits of a Truworths clothing account?

The benefits of having a Truworths clothing account are:

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  • A reduced need to carry cash
  • You get six months of free credit when you apply for your profile
  • You can shop at a wide variety of shops, including UZZI & OFFICE London
  • One becomes a TRULOYALTY member with benefits
  • Account owners receive R1000 in fashion vouchers

The Truworths account lets you pay for goods delivered on credit over six months without incurring interest charges. The installment rates are lower for the 12-month accounts.

Truworths account payment options
A woman carrying shopping bags. Photo:, @Max Fischer
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What happens if you have Truworths account arrears?

You can buy goods on credit through your Truworths account. If you fail to pay your credit, make double payments the following month. If you have not paid your arrears for a long time, urgently contact the creditor and make arrangements to start the repayment process as soon as possible.

Learning how to check Truworths account balance and the payment options will ease your shopping experience. You can shop at stores that partner with Truworths or buy directly from Truworths' website and pay for the goods online.

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Truworths account
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