30 inflation memes and jokes about the state of the economy

30 inflation memes and jokes about the state of the economy

In today's world of endless memes, a hearty dose of laughter works wonders for the spirit. Meme on inflation has a front-row seat among the humorous jokes, poking fun at the ever-changing economy. Here are some hilarious inflation memes and jokes reflecting the economic state. Get ready to crack up!

inflation memes
Inflation meme. Photo: @freeabillion on Twitter
Source: Twitter

Like expensive groceries memes, memes that address inflation effortlessly blend humour with economic realities. These hilarious jokes illuminate the present economy, offering a fresh perspective. Embrace the laughter as you gain insights into the state of the economy. It is a win-win for both amusement and understanding.

Price increase memes

If rising prices are getting you down, fear not! These uproarious memes about prices going up will turn your frown upside down. In good humour, the jokes acknowledge the seriousness of price hikes. Enjoy a collection of these funny memes to brighten your day!

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1. When you witness a gas price miracle

memes about inflation
Fallen outdoor gas station price signs display. Photo: @ponyupfun on Facebook
Source: Facebook

When you thought it was impossible, behold the mythical sight of gas prices dropping! It is a rare phenomenon that fuels the dreams of budget-friendly road trips.

2. Biking through inflation

When fuel prices skyrocket, you might become too savvy for inflated travel costs. These guys have it all figured out, pedalling through inflation and still having a wheelie good time.

3. The ever-changing definition of safe

memes about inflation
Getting creative during a hike in prices becomes inevitable. Photo: @Investhos on Facebook
Source: Facebook

The safe assets game has evolved! From gasoline in 2022 to timber in 2021, it is all about safeguarding wealth with a fridge full of eggs in 2023. Eggs-traordinary times call for eggstraordinary measures

4. Lighting up dad's fury

price increase memes
A man looks through different things in the house. Photo: @CorkedBrew on Facebook
Source: Facebook

With lights on in every room, dad's face lights up too, but not joyfully. It is an electrifying moment when the reality of the electricity bill sparks his anger.

5. Economy's independent stance

Marching to its beat, the economy playfully diverges from the Central Bank's upward advice. With a mind of its own, it surprises everyone as it takes unpredictable moves in the economic realm.

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6. Baker's priorities

price increase memes
Joke about baking. Photo:@PinkBananaBakingCo
Source: Facebook

Love may come and go, but searching for the perfect butter is a lifelong pursuit.

7. Creativity comes with a price

due to inflation meme
Creativity comes with a price. Photo: @JokesandMore on Facebook
Source: Facebook

When creativity meets an expensive twist, a slap becomes the unwelcome outcome.

Funny memes about inflation

Enjoy a good laugh with these funny memes! From skyrocketing prices to budget struggles, the "due to inflation meme" captures the humorous side of economic challenges. Happy chuckling!

8. Navigating pricey roads

due to inflation meme
Navigating pricey roads meme. Photo: @FayetteCoFACT on Facebook
Source: Facebook

Driving yourself everywhere may burn a hole in your wallet, but opting for public transit is a savvy move to dodge those price-increase roadblocks.

9. Deflated dreams

It gets challenging when you have several things to do, but the prevailing circumstances are limited.

10. Blue looks better

inflation memes
Comparing a new and old car because of fuel. Photo: @Shipeya on Facebook
Source: Facebook

When you have bought a new car, and the news of inflated gas prices hits you, the temptation to consider an old one comes in.

11. When inflation hits the music scene

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funny inflation memes
Meme about the music industry. Photo: @NorthEastUpdates on Facebook
Source: Facebook

50 Cent's got a currency conversion plan! With inflation on the rise, even rappers seek ways to stay 'cents'-national in the UK.

Funny inflation memes

Indulge in laughter with these witty due-to-inflation jokes! From price hikes to economic woes, these jokes will tickle your funny bone and add some humour to the serious topic of inflation.

12. A risky path to success

Success does not come on a platter of gold; anyone who desires to make it in life must be ready to pay the price.

13. From tears to fears

The rising cost has transformed onion chopping into a nerve-wracking experience.

14. A pricey time check

inflation memes
Challenging times can make you do what is not. Photo: @vickykuperman on Instagram
Source: Instagram

In a world of skyrocketing gas prices, creativity prevails! Embrace the eco-friendly solution with a touch of humour is the best fuel for tough times!

15. When inflation strikes back

expensive groceries meme
Different unforeseen circumstances can lead to inflation. Photo: @stockmarketmeme on Facebook
Source: Facebook

Inflation does not hold back! Even with modest pay raises, its hefty slap leaves you feeling the impact of rising prices.

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16. A new kind of bouquet

inflation jokes
Inflation can make the price of things skyrocket. Photo: @LadiesofLiberty1776 on Facebook
Source: Facebook

In the era of soaring prices, flowers have become quite expensive. It seems the chicken has found a creative way to win hearts, showing that love, like inflation, evolves with time.

Inflation jokes

Besides memes about inflation that fly around, there are jokes that people share among themselves to put a smile on others' faces. Do you need some to share with your colleagues or friends? Check these out

  • How did a Chartered Accountant explain Inflation to his wife? You used to be a 36-24-36, but now you’re a 46-40-48. So, theoretically, you have more than you did before, but your value is lower. This, my dear, is called inflation.
  • A young boy goes to his father in India. “Papa, might I please have 10 rupees?” the youngster pleads. Papa is taken aback and inquires, “20 rupees? Why do you require 60 rupees?”
  • Why are deaths due to shootings rising in America? Because of inflation, shooters can no longer provide a warning shot.
  • With inflation at 7.5%, you lose half your money in 9 years. The only way to outperform that consistently, which I have found, is crypto. Just this year, I've already lost half my money.
  • You become an adult twice. When you turn 18, and when you find out how much it costs to professionally frame something at Michael’s.
  • Our system is something else. I’m 24 and only have two years left on my mom's health insurance. Then, I have to find a new mother.
  • The government should give every girl a $300 monthly stipend for her little beverages.

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inflation memes
An inflation meme showing how deteriorating things get. Photo: @dailydirtnap
Source: Twitter
  • Restaurants are substituting cheaper cuts of meat. The other night I ordered a steak and got the part of the bull Matador never sees.
  • Grocery stores now have a booth to help you during tax time and another booth to help you take out a loan to buy what is in your cart.
  • What makes you think gas prices are getting ridiculous? When I went online to see how much my car was worth, it asked if the tank was empty or full.
  • Prices are rising so fast that asking for a price check at the dollar store is no longer embarrassing.
  • What’s the best way to make a Fiat cost twice as much? Fill up the tank.
  • When I started making enough to pay for things, the prices made me poor again.
  • What happens when you use Vodka instead of gas in a lawnmower? The grass is half-cut.

Inflation memes have proven to be a delightful way to navigate economic complexities. As you laugh and reflect on these witty jokes, you gain a unique perspective on the economy. Let humour be your guide to understanding the ever-changing financial landscape.

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