30 Coolest graduation cap ideas that will make you shine on your bright day

30 Coolest graduation cap ideas that will make you shine on your bright day

Whether it is bye-bye to elementary school, high school, or College life after completing the curriculum there, it is always joyful and worthy of celebration. Putting several years of hard work into achieving respectable academic grades is not piecemeal. One of the best ways to show the relief and pride of triumph is to come up with fantastic graduation cap ideas.

graduation cap ideas
Graduation cap idea for students. Photo: @stonehillcollege on Instagram (modified by author)
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Whether you want simple graduation cap ideas that inspire humour or portray artistic nature, there are many ways to prove your point. You need to think of what you want and then gather materials like scissors, paint colours, glues, and thick papers that will be useful to actualise the design. You may also enlist the professional help of an artist to bring out your idea(s).

What should you put on your graduation cap?

What to put on your graduation cap is not definitive; you can come up with whatever catches your fancy. Some artistic designs may leave a section of the crowd speechless, but that is the purpose.

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1. Dream big, worry small mortarboard

Embrace the wisdom of Rascal Flatts with this quote, perfect for country music fans. Personalise your graduation barrette with your favourite music quote for a unique touch.

2. Great things come in small packages graduation barrette

This cap cleverly incorporates hometown and college town elements, ideal for petite graduates and a charming foliage border.

3. 'I'm graduating!' graduation barrette

Channel your inner Belle with this cap, celebrating intelligence and adventure. This idea is perfect for those who have studied communications-related courses and want to show the world how grateful they are.

4. Gold for the win graduation cap

Make a bold statement with an elegant combination of gold foil and a motivational quote against a black background. Look to the future on your graduation day.

5. For the art majors and art lovers mortarboard

Honour your artistic inspirations, from Matisse to Monet, by showcasing their style on your cap. Stand out with an artistic tribute.

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6. Deliver the future graduation cap

Future teachers, especially Harry Potter fans, will appreciate this whimsical graduation barrette. Stay hopeful for future opportunities in the magical world of education.

7. Adventure in a world of possibilities graduation cap

Showcase your adventurous spirit with a graduation barrette featuring a delicate world outline. Get inspired for post-graduation travels abroad.

cap decoration ideas for guys
Cool graduation cap idea. Photo: @sjmilwit.art on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

8. The little mer-grad mortarboard

Pay homage to your childhood with an Ariel silhouette against a sunset and ocean backdrop. Inspire others to follow their dreams with a touch of Disney magic.

9. Pink and flowery graduation cap

A flower border and a lovely pink colour scheme make an attractive look on a happy day. This cap is short and sweet and encourages everyone to be their best.

10. The motivation behind the hustle graduation cap

graduation cap ideas for high school
The motivation behind the hustle graduation cap. Photo: @sharacrafts, @ashleygonzalez_designs on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Include your furry friend in the celebration with a cap featuring your pet. Add a dose of humour and make your loved ones smile on your special day.

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11. The happiest grad on earth graduation cap

Pay homage to Disney with a cap featuring an inspirational quote. Include your favourite characters, or keep it simple with Tink and fireworks in front of the castle.

12. Blinged out BSN mortarboard

Showcase your hard-earned degree with bling on a simple background. The heartbeat rhythm strip adds a touch of sophistication.

13. The avid "Mean Girls" quotes graduation cap

Infuse humour into your graduation with a movie quote. Choose your favourite movie for a personalised touch, and remember, on graduation day, you wear pink!

Cap decoration ideas for guys

Most guys want something cool and unique that reflects masculinity simultaneously. If you are one of those, here are some ideas you can consider.

14. Iridescent art design graduation cap

The type of cap decoration ideas for guys is to be opted for if you want a super cool mosaic look without writing anything on your cap. The changing colours will make your graduation barrette stand out in the crowd.

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15. Resilience is key mortarboard

Also known as an academic cap or trencher, it represents your perseverance. A touch of sunflowers, symbolising adoration and longevity, is an excellent way to pass a message to whoever cares to listen.

16. Hungry for success graduation cap

Pay homage to Steve Jobs with motivational words, perfect for those entering the tech industry. Ignore the irony that Jobs was a college dropout and focus on the inspiration.

17. Are you young, scrappy, and hungry graduation cap

This is one of the graduation cap ideas high school students can turn to as it helps them find inspiration from quotes straight out of the Hamilton Show. Capture the spirit of ambition and determination on your graduation day.

18. Hard work makes the dream work graduation trencher

cap decoration ideas for guys
Hard work makes the dream work graduation cap. Photo: @cudacreates on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Combine design and inspiration with a motivational quote and a clean green colour scheme. Remind everyone that dreams require hard work and joyfully display some of the qualities that saw you through.

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19. Best revenge is your paper mortarboard

Embrace a clever "Lemonade" Beyoncé reference. Celebrate your achievement with a clever, applicable, and well-executed message.

20. Parents' pride graduation cap

graduation cap ideas
Parents' pride graduation cap. Photo: @advbelle, @craftsby.vero on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

How grateful and proud do you feel for the love showered on you and the trust your parents had in you to have spent all they did? On your graduation day, let them feel fulfilled with this kind of cap for the years of labour over you.

21. Hija de Inmigrantes mortarboard

Proudly display your heritage with a powerful message. "Daughter of Immigrants" in any language, accompanied by flowers from your family's home country, makes a meaningful statement.

Graduation cap ideas for 2024

Every new year comes with new things that everyone wants to explore. If you are graduating this year and already considering how to make your graduation trencher stand out among your colleagues, here are some ideas for you:

22. Ravenclaw pride graduation trencher

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Take pride in your Harry Potter fan status and house affiliation. "Mischief Managed" summarises your school journey is easily adaptable for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin.

What is the cap you wear when you graduate?
A simple graduation cap idea. Photo: @stonehillcollege on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

23. Up, up and away graduation cap

Reference "Up" for those who love adventure. The delicate characters and inspiring quote make for a whimsical cap. Consider professional help for accurate painting.

24. Game of (student) loans graduation cap

For standout graduation cap ideas in 2024, combining Game of Thrones and college life references makes for a unique graduation trencher. It is appropriate for graduating nurses with modification options for other majors.

25. I did it graduation cap

graduation cap ideas
I did it graduation cap. Photo: @jb._.designs on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Thank your supporters and unwind after school with a cap featuring your favourite wine or beer. Personalise it to reflect your preferred beverage.

26. Push the boundaries mortarboard

Empower yourself with a gorgeous and empowering cap featuring a silhouette, black writing, glitter, and sparkle. Remind yourself to push boundaries.

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27. Wanderlust mortarboard

For travel enthusiasts, a graduation trencher filled with calligraphy, hand-painted dots, and a pop of colour captures the spirit of wanderlust. Express your love for exploration.

28. "He, she wumbo… it's first-grade Spongebob" graduation trencher

Delight SpongeBob fans with a humorous cap referencing Wumbology. Make people laugh and seize the opportunity to wear the word "wumbo."

29. Bride-To-Be graduation cap

Celebrate two major life events with a cap representing graduation and wedding planning. Showcase your achievements with a touch of humour.

30. A simple and charming nursing mortarboard

Appeal to Grey's Anatomy fans with a cute graduation trencher suitable for future nurses or doctors. The stethoscope heart adds a delightful touch to celebrate your achievement.

graduation cap ideas
Graduation cap idea for high school. Photo: @stonehillcollege on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Frequently asked questions

Some questions that most searchers have asked questions relating to graduation cap ideas and the best answers proffered so far include the following:

What are the things on graduation caps called?

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It is called a mortarboard. It has an attached tassel dangling to one side. Below are excellent ideas to gain inspiration from on your big day.

What is the cap you wear when you graduate?

Though some call it graduation hat, it is more formal to call it mortarboard. It is worn flat on the head while parallel to the ground.

How do you look cute in a graduation cap?

Wear the graduation trencher in a way that allows the point to face forward, and hang your tassel on the right before your ceremony. But when the ceremony ends, change the tassel to the left side. Ensure that the cap is your perfect size, and carefully fix your hair under it if you make hair.

What is the best hairstyle to wear with a graduation cap?

Half up, half down hairstyle makes it easy for a graduation cap to stand well. While you can determine how to style it, this hairstyle gives you more control over how the hair will look after a day under a graduation trencher.

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These graduation cap ideas offer a variety of styles and themes, allowing you to express your unique personality and journey. Choose one that resonates with you, and enjoy decorating your trencher for a memorable graduation day!

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