How to change the name on property title deeds in South Africa in 2024

How to change the name on property title deeds in South Africa in 2024

If you wish to sell your home, changing the name on the title deed makes the process easier, avoiding any hiccups in future. The process may seem daunting, but it can be simpler if you know where to begin. Keep reading for more information on how to change the name on property title deeds in South Africa.

How do I transfer property from one person to another?
A title deed is a document with the details of the person who owns the property. Photo: Pofuduk Images
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For those who do not know, a title deed is a legal document confirming who owns the property once it is transferred into the owner's name. The document includes the owner's full name, purchase date and property size.

How to change names on property title deeds

So, how does one go about a name change? Here, we will explain how to change a title deed in South Africa and the documents required to sell a house in South Africa.

How do you transfer property to a family member in South Africa?

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According to Goldberg & de Villiers Inc., transferring property in South Africa to a child can be done through a donation or gift or by selling the property to the child.

The parent and child must enter into a written contract, where all the relevant details will be included. Making use of an attorney is helpful to streamline the process.

Govender surname
More than one person can be included on a title deed. Photo: Hero Images Inc
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Can a title deed have two names in South Africa?

Can there be more than one owner on the title deed? In South Africa, more than one person may be listed on a title deed.

How much is a title deed in South Africa?

The prices are occasionally adjusted, but according to RE/MAX, the fee for a certified copy of the title deed is R552,00.

How do I check my title deeds online in South Africa?

Checking your title deed online is a simple process. You can log into DeedsWEB, where you can either log in or create an account. Once there, you can navigate the website and find all the relevant details. Online navigation helps to speed up the beginning of the process.

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You can log into DeedsWEB to check the details of your title deed online. Photo: Alvaro Gonzalez
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What is needed to change a title deed?

According to PM Attorneys, the documents required for the transfer of property in South Africa include the following:

  • Identity documents of the seller and buyer.
  • Where applicable, proof that all taxes are paid, including transfer duty and registration fees.
  • A Power Of Attorney (the seller must sign a Power of Attorney document.)
  • The title deed to the property.
  • The original valid Certificate of Registration of Transfer.
  • A Rates Clearance Certificate.
  • A Transfer Duty Receipt (if payable to the Receiver of Revenue.)
  • A document showing all bonds registered against the property have been cancelled.
Can a title deed have two names?
A transferring attorney helps the buyer and seller navigate the process. Photo: Maskot
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How do I change ownership of a title deed in South Africa?

The name change of a title deed is just one step in the various steps in the process. According to Adams & Adams, the process involves the following steps:

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Receiving an Offer to Purchase

Receiving an Offer to Purchase document from the interested buyer signifying they wish to purchase your home and the terms and conditions for the sale.

Confirming and securing the purchase price

The Offer to Purchase discusses the way the purchasing price will proceed. It may be payable in cash, through a bank, or both.

Obtain relevant documents

Once the payment process has been outlined and clarified, the necessary documents must be in order. These are the documents mentioned above.

Singing the transfer documents

The transferring attorney involved in the process prepares the documents that need signing. Both the seller and buyer must sign the relevant documents.

Obtain tax clearance certificates

Where applicable, the purchaser pays the transfer costs, including the transfer duty payable to SARS. The transferring attorney pays the transfer duty to SARS and obtains a transfer duty receipt.

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Submit to the deeds office

Once all relevant details are in order, the documents are sent to the deeds office for registration. The transferring attorney sends the papers in, and any attorneys in other parts of the process send them through simultaneously.

Finalisation of the process

At this final step, the deeds office takes eight to ten days to process all documents thoroughly. Once registration is complete and confirmed, the transferring attorney finalises both parties' states of the account, and the sale's proceeds are given to the seller.

Knowing the ins and outs of changing the name on property title deeds in South Africa assists you in simplifying the process, removing any unnecessary stress.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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What is needed to change a title deed?
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