Top 10 rarest Jordans shoes ever made and their prices

Top 10 rarest Jordans shoes ever made and their prices

Born from the influence of basketball legend Michael Jordan, Nike unveiled the iconic Air Jordans in 1985. Evolving beyond their athletic origins, these sneakers have attained an esteemed status as revered symbols of style, prestige, and collectability. With their immense popularity, sneaker enthusiasts worldwide are captivated by the rarest Jordans. Here is a closer look at these highly sought-after gems that continue to be in great demand.

rarest jordans in the world
MJ's worn and signed 1992 Olympic 'Dream Team' Air Jordan VII sneakers. Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP
Source: Getty Images

Jordans have long been among the most coveted shoe brands globally, known for their rarity and immense value. Enthusiasts and collectors alike go to great lengths to acquire a pair. If you are passionate about shoe brands or a dedicated collector, this is for you. So, what are these rare Jordans, and how much do they cost?

Top 10 rarest Jordans in the world

Nike's collaborations with athletes, brands, and artists have birthed the rarest Jordans. From limited editions to unique collaborations, here is a list of the top 10 rarest Jordans ever made.

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1. Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Colette Au Revoir

rare jordans
Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Colette Au Revoir. Photo: @HeatOnly on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

It is one of the rarest Jordan shoes to exist. Initially reserved for store employees, this style is an unparalleled gem. Created in honour of the iconic Colette streetwear retailer, it remains unattainable at retail. Valued at $20,000, it showcases Colette's vibrant blue and white colours, signature dots, and significant years 1997 and 2017 on the heels.

2. Air Jordan X Special "Grimm" Edition

Air Jordan's X Special "Grimm"
Air Jordan's X Special "Grimm" Edition are some of the rarest Jordans shoes ever made. Photo: Bill Hall
Source: Facebook

In 2016, Nike collaborated with "Grimm" for a special cause, releasing the Air Jordan X Special "Grimm" Editions. With just ten pairs made for a charity auction, these shoes stand as the rarest in the world. The auction took place on eBay for Charity, with proceeds supporting OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital. A pair of Air Jordan X Special "Grimm" Edition price is $1,500 to $5,800.

3. Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro x Carhartt x Eminem

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rarest jordan shoes
Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro x Carhartt x Eminem. Photo: @SoleCollectorMag and @TonyFlan on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Among the rarest retros ever produced, the collaboration between Eminem, Nike, and Carhartt resulted in the iconic Jordan IV Retros. Crafted as a tribute to Eminem's legendary Marshall Mathers LP, these limited-edition sneakers hold immense value. With only ten extra pairs auctioned, generating a generous donation of $227,552 for MSU's Literacy through the Songwriting program.

4. Jordan 1 Retro High Legends of Summer Glitter

Jordan Legends of Summer Glitter
The Jordan 1 Retro High Legends of Summer Glitter shoe collection. Photo: SevenAliens
Source: Facebook

Justin Timberlake and Jay Z joined forces with Nike for an exclusive Air Jordan collection during their Legends of Summer 2013 tour. Each style was limited to only 14 pairs, representing the tour stops. These coveted sneakers were reserved for Timberlake, Jay Z, their inner circle, and a fortunate few who completed a time-sensitive scavenger hunt.

5. Nike Air Jordan 1 x Dave White Wings for the Future

Artist Dave White designed a limited edition of Air Jordan I shoes for charity in 2008. The collection included 23 pairs, auctioned at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game, raising over $23,000. Proceeds went to WINGS for the Future and Inglewood High School. Nike later released a retail version of it.

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6. Air Jordan 8 Retro PE - Q-Rich

rarest jordan shoes
Air Jordan 8 Retro PE - Q-Rich. Photo: @tipsolver on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

In 2008, Nike introduced the Air Jordan VIII Retro PE - Q-Rich edition as a Player Exclusive shoe. Designed for Quentin Richardson of the New York Knicks, these shoes featured his jersey number, 23, and the initial Q. Crafted with white leather and accented with blue and orange, 24 pairs sold exclusively at the House of Hoops in New York City.

7. Air Jordan VIII Retro PE - Ray Allen

Initially designed exclusively for Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics, this shoe release comprised 24 pairs available for retail. Showcasing Allen's moniker, Sugar Ray, skillfully stitched on the ankle, these sneakers sported the iconic black and green reminiscent of the Celtics' jersey. Originally priced at $140, their value soared to an astonishing $10,000 on selective reselling platforms.

8. Air Jordan XI 25th Anniversary with Jumpman

rarest jordans in the world
Air Jordan XI 25th Anniversary with Jumpman. Photo: @黄凤敏 on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Nike honoured the 25th anniversary of Jordan's debut with a limited edition release of the AJ XI. These unique sneakers, lacking the customary embroidered Jumpman logo, quickly sold out on the anniversary day. Originally priced at $150, their value now exceeds $6,000 on select resale platforms.

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9. Air Jordan I x Just Don BHM Pack

In tribute to Black History Month's 37th anniversary, Nike released a limited-edition AJ I in February 2013. Created by Don C, owner of RSVP Gallery and Just Don, 37 pairs were produced. These unique shoes featured the exclusive "Be Bold. Be True" graphic print over black leather. Additionally, 37 BHM Just Don snapback hats were auctioned, with all proceeds benefiting charity.

10. Air Jordan I High Strap Just Don BHM

Following their previous collaboration, Nike again partnered with designer Don C of Just Don to create a special edition of Air Jordan Is for Black History Month. In February 2015, commemorating the 39th anniversary of the occasion, 39 pairs of Air Jordan I High Straps were exclusively crafted to support charitable causes.

What are the most expensive Jordan shoes on the market?

Some notable expensive Jordan shoes include:

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  • 1984 Nike Air Ships - $1.5 Million
  • 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1 High Sneaker "Shattered Backboard" - $615,000
  • 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1S - $560,000
  • 1984 Michael Jordan Olympic Converses - $190,373
  • 1995 Air Jordan 11 'Space Jam' Sample - $176,400
  • 1992 Air Jordan 7 Olympic Player Exclusive, Game-Worn Sneaker - $112,500
  • 1997 Air Jordan 12 'Flu Game' - $104,765
  • Air Jordan 12 OVO - $100,000
  • Air Jordan 1 "Solid Silver" - $60,000
rarest Jordans shoes
Air Jordan XVII sneaker during Air Jordan XVII Launch Party at NBA All-Star Weekend at Rococo's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Photo: KMazur/WireImage
Source: Getty Images

What is the most expensive Jordan shoe ever sold?

The Air Jordan 13 The Last Dance is the most expensive Jordan shoe, fetching a staggering $2.2 million. They were part of the Chicago Bulls' 1998 championship run. Worn by MJ, these iconic red and black sneakers played a crucial role in game 2 of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz.

How much are Jordan 1s worth?

The worth of Jordan 1s can vary, with the resale value of an authentic pair from 1985 ranging from $3,500 to over $25,000. The specific price depends on size, condition, and colourway.

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What percentage of Air Jordans does Michael get?

MJ reportedly receives a 5% royalty from his contract with Nike on the brand's profits. This lucrative partnership has been incredibly successful for both Nike and MJ, contributing to his impressive net worth of $2 billion, surpassing the $1 billion mark.

How much is the Jordan Brand worth?

The Jordan Brand is valued at approximately $10 billion, significantly contributing to Nike's growth and profitability. The brand alone generated nearly $5 billion in revenue for Nike, underscoring its immense financial impact.

The rarest Jordans, though only sometimes the priciest, hold immense appeal. The brand's widespread following keeps growing, fueled by the legacy of MJ's unforgettable on-court moments. These sneakers encapsulate a rich history and retain their significance, captivating sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.

The rarest Jordans shoes
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