Is the Lucy Shimmers movie a true story or fictional? All the facts

Is the Lucy Shimmers movie a true story or fictional? All the facts

We all have a purpose in life, but some people have that extra something, the spark in their eye or the magic in their soul that touches every heart they connect with. These are the words of the narrator of Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace. Is the movie a true story or fictional?

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace cast
A five-year-old girl learns the true essence of Christmas through a magical expedition to the Kingdom of Winterland. Photo: @Rajadvd on Facebook (modified by author)
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Lucy Shimmer's character is perfectly encapsulated in the quote above; her purpose transcends putting smiles on people's faces. Is the gut-wrenching yet heart-warming film Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace based on a real-life story?

What's the movie Lucy Shimmers about?

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace is a drama film. Its storyline is centred around Lucy Shimmers, a spunky and vibrant five-year-old girl who dreams of meeting a sad man. She gets so consumed by the desire to meet the man that she writes a book with three characters: Jesus, the sad man in her dreams and herself.

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What terminal illness does Lucy Shimmers have?

Unfortunately, her work comes to a sudden halt when she contracts a sudden bout of pneumonia around Christmas time. While in the hospital, Shimmers bumps into a convict, Edgar Ruiz.

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace plot summary
The story's message of redemption and forgiveness is rooted in the Christian faith. Photo: @darkismoon on Twitter (modified by author)
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What is the story of Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace?

Edgar is a hardened criminal at the tail-end of his incarceration. However, he might not leave prison alive because his kidneys are failing, and his only hope of life is a kidney transplant. Furthermore, he cannot stand or walk.

Even though there is hope for remedying his situation, he is at the bottom of the kidney transplant list because he is a convict. Edgar thinks he does not deserve to live because his family estranged him.

Lucy bumps into Edgar in the hall outside their rooms and immediately recognises him. She immediately contrives a plan to befriend him, and with the help of her grandfather, she sneaks into Edgar's room and convinces him to reconnect with his family.

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Shimmers tells Edgar about the redemptive power of Jesus, renewing his hope in God's plans for him after he leaves the hospital. She convinces him that he deserves the second chance life is offering him.

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace storyline
The story draws inspiration from Christian teachings and real-life experiences. Photo: @Lynn Smith on Facebook (modified by author)
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Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace ending explained

Edgar opens up more to reading the Bible and trusting in God. His wife and daughter visit him at the hospital, renewing his hope in life. Meanwhile, Shimmers' health worsens, and none of the recommended treatments seem to work, alarming her family.

The doctors invite Lucy's family to discuss her health; unfortunately, there is no hope for her. Nonetheless, she is not fazed; she believes she will be with Jackson in the afterlife and her parents when the time comes.

Is Lucy Shimmers still alive?

Shimmers has a dying wish; she donates one of her kidneys to Edgar. Her parents accept her decision in pain, and the doctors confirm the procedure will grant Edgar a new lease of life. Later, she dies, and Edgar joins her family in mourning her.

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Lucy's life changes Edgar's forever, allowing him to re-write his wrongs. From that moment, he and his family honour her every Christmas and Shimmer's parents are given another kid.

Is Lucy Shimmers a true story?

The Lucy Shimmers movie is not based on a true story. Lucy is a fictional character created by Ron Diamond. He mentioned his inspiration for the film was inspired by a dream he had, and after sharing it with the production team, they came up with the storyline.

Lucy Shimmers' real name

Rob Diamond cast his granddaughter to be featured in the show as Lucy. Scarlett Diamond plays Lucy Shimmer in the movie.

Is Lucy Shimmers on Netflix?

The 87-minute movie is accessible on Inspiration TV. It is not available on Netflix.

Frequently asked questions

Go through these questions as they explore the movie's plot and how the story played out. They also highlight some of the notable scenes in the movie's storyline.

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How old is Lucy Shimmers?

Lucy plays the main character in the show. She is a witty five-year-old girl.

Did Lucy give Edgar her kidney?

Lucy offers to donate her kidney to Edgar after the doctors' efforts to save her prove futile. Her kidney gives Edgar another lease of life, and he honours her by celebrating her every Christmas.

These details about Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace summary catch you up on the movie, the plot and whether it is a true story. They also highlight where to watch the film.

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