3 Female University Students Pull Ghost Prank at Res, Viral TikTok Video Has Mzansi Howling

3 Female University Students Pull Ghost Prank at Res, Viral TikTok Video Has Mzansi Howling

  • Three university students prank fellow residents by dressing up as ghosts with white paste on their faces
  • Reactions varied from frightened residents slamming doors to others not being scared at all and some even screaming
  • The humorous TikTok prank at the university residence amused Mzansi but raised concerns about rumours affecting the place's reputation

In a playful and light-hearted TikTok video, three female university students took their res by storm with a prank that had their fellow residents both startled and amused. Res life is entertaining, guys!

University res students pull funny ghost prank, TikTok video goes viral
With the beliefs in culture about spirits, this prank had some peoples' should leaving their bodies on the spot. Image: @nonto_bek0
Source: TikTok

Living as a student resident in South Africa is unlike what you see in the movies. It can be challenging, but students definitely make the most of their time there.

Res students pull ghost prank

The video, posted by user @nonto_bek0, shows the trio dressed up as ghosts, covering their faces with white paste, and going door to door by candlelight, attempting to scare their peers.

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The reactions from the residents varied widely. Some were caught off guard and visibly frightened, slamming their doors shut upon seeing the ghostly figures. Others, however, remained unfazed, not falling for the spooky act and responding with laughter or a simple shrug. Surprisingly, some even reacted by playfully screaming in mock terror.

Take a look:

Mzansi laughs at the res drama

The humorous prank sparked laughter across Mzansi, showcasing the students' creativity and the joy of innocent fun. However, while the prank amused many, people know the rumours will spread, leaving peeps believing there are actual ghosts in that res.

Read some of the comments:

Inganati Maginya shared:

“Roomza and I tried this kanty our neighbours were doing it, so we all met by the corridor saske sabalekelana.”

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Owethu_Sthabile is not playing:

“It's the fact that at our res there's a real ghost”

its_thuto laughed:

“Next year they'll be advising first years not to say there because there's ghosts in it ”

Sbuda❤ cracked up:

“You guys, niyaloya, shem”

Witchcraft prank at SA school leaves students running for their lives in viral TikTok video with 1.4mil views

In related news, Briefly News reported that an epic voodoo prank made people's day after it popped up on their TikTok timelines. One man @aeovlogz, pulled off the hoax outside an SA school on many school children.

The man pretended that he was practising witchcraft and needed to sacrifice one of the students. As he tried to grab one of them outside the school premises, they started running in different directions.

The chaotic TikTok video got 1.4 million views in two days and is circulating fast on other social media platforms. People loved how believable the prank was, and the students' fear was horror movie-worthy.

Source: Briefly News

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