Twitter Post Ignites Conversation on Waiter Wages: Mzansi Voices Uncover Industry Realities

Twitter Post Ignites Conversation on Waiter Wages: Mzansi Voices Uncover Industry Realities

  • A Twitter post questioning the low wages of some waiters and the insult of R5 tips sparks a heated discussion
  • Mzansi individuals, including waiters, join the conversation, shedding light on the challenges faced by those dependent on tips
  • Restaurant owner sheds light on tipping service staff and what it means to them
  • The Twitter thread becomes a platform for Mzansi voices to discuss and debate the broader issues surrounding waiter wages

A South African man sparked a heated discussion surrounding waiters’ wages and tips after he made it known that a R5 tip is just not okay!

Twitter post questioning the low wages of some waiters and the insult of R5 tips sparks a heated discussion
One man is fuming that some people tip waiters R5, and it sparked a debate. Image: Getty Images
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Some waiters’ livelihoods depend on the tips they get, and unfortunately, no matter how good their service is, it is up to the patron to decide what tip is given.

Man sparks heated discussion on waiters’ wages

In a powerful Twitter post, user @gentlebjgiant raised a critical question about the wages of some waiters, stating, "Are you aware that some waiters don’t get salaries but live on tips? R5 is an insult as far as I’m concerned."

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This straightforward statement triggered a cascade of responses from Mzansi netizens, shedding light on the harsh realities faced by those in the service industry.

See post below:

Restaurant owner explains the deeper meaning of a tip

Briefly News spoke to Casey Rodgers, the owner of Mini Me Patisserie & Bistro, to find out how getting a small tip affects service staff. This is what she shared:

"Service staff should be tipped for doing just that, offering you a service. Your tip can reflect the standard of service they gave you but hard working hospitality employees should be compensated fairly. Not all waiters get salaries despite it being the law. If you can afford to eat out, you need to be able to afford to tip your waiter as well."

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Mzansi discusses the pressing issue

The Tweet, which quickly gained traction, became a focal point for Mzansi's online community to express their opinions on the often overlooked issue of waiter wages. While many agreed R5 is unjust and insufficient for individuals working hard in the service sector, they also highlighted that their choice to work a job with no salary is not their issue.

Read some of the comments:

@pisces000001 said:

“Why did they hire them? Why is it compulsory to tip? Why must I pay for the food and a person I did not hire? I honestly struggle with this situation. I need someone to make it make sense to me.”

@Muluba_princess suggested:

“Tips aside, those waiters need to report their employers for not paying them their minimum wage.”

@SeditiIpeleng did not understand:

“So to you, it makes sense that you wake up and go to work for free and demand a salary from people who did not hire you?”

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@karabo_dion said:

“The employer is insulting the employee, not the customer.”

Mzansi goes in hard on man who tipped R15 on R555 bill

Briefly News reported that while it is not law to tip in Mzansi, it is courteous. One man tipped a waiter R15 on a bill that totalled R555, and SA peeps had none of it.

The hospitality industry is tough! Some waiter work for peanuts, banking on tips to get by. So, it raises a few brows when someone doesn’t even give a tip of 10%.

Twitter user Umshayi Wempama shared a picture of his bill after devouring one of his favourite meals, prawns. Our guy never expected to be grilled after sharing a moment he thought was spectacular.

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