Mzansi Woman Tries to Refresh Old Braids With Relaxer in TikTok Video, Sparks Hilarious Reactions

Mzansi Woman Tries to Refresh Old Braids With Relaxer in TikTok Video, Sparks Hilarious Reactions

  • A Mzansi woman had netizens in stitches after she documented her attempt to refresh old braids using hair relaxer
  • The video shows her applying the relaxer to her braids and overgrown natural hair, resulting in a surprisingly "straight" result
  • While the experiment seemed successful, many online users questioned the long-term effects and poked fun at the temporary solution
woman relaxes braids
A woman went to extreme lengths to maintain her braid hairstyle. Image: @katli_dime
Source: TikTok

A Mzansi woman from Pretoria had netizens in stitches after she tried to refresh her old braids using a hair relaxer.

Natural hair relaxers, also known as chemical straighteners, are chemical lotions or creams applied to natural hair to give it a straight appearance by "relaxing" your curls, L'OReal Paris explains.

According to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), relaxers are used by more than two-thirds of black women to straighten their hair for easy styling and increased length.

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Braided hair relaxer experiment

A TikTok video shared by @katli_dime shows the woman observing her overgrown natural hair, which made her blonde braids look old.

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In an attempt to make the hairstyle look better and make her 4C hair more sleek, @katli_dime applied a hair relaxer to her hair and braids.

"Tryna relax my braids and honestly I'm not mad about the situation," the post was captioned.

Thankfully, no braids fell out as she showed the result, with her overgrown hair looking "straighter" than before the experiment.

Watch the video below:

Mzansi cracks jokes online

Many netizens couldn't help poking fun at the woman's video as they shared how she'd soon regret her temporary solution to keeping old braids on her hair. Others wondered how she even came up with the idea to relax her braided hair.

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C said:

"When it’s time to remove braids, it’s time, please."

nandipha replied:

"How does one even come up with such an idea?"

Anita wrote:

"If you continue to give temporary solutions..."

I_am_annie_maka commented:

"Why did I think it was going to fall out?"

the_librocubicularist said:

"I feel like there is no way all the relaxer would wash out."

Siani Lee commented:

"I don't know why but I thought she was gonna take off that towel and be bald."

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