Man Vows Never to Party With Sister Again After Her Wild Savanna Stunt, TikTok Video Hits 1M Views

Man Vows Never to Party With Sister Again After Her Wild Savanna Stunt, TikTok Video Hits 1M Views

  • A South African man's sister pulled a wild drinking stunt at a party, downing a six-pack of Savanna cider in one go while dancing
  • The viral TikTok video left the man embarrassed and questioning his carefree sister's motives
  • The video sparked online amusement, garnering over a million views and hilarious comments
Woman drinking Savanna
A woman drank her six-pack Savanna at groove. Image: @saddamletuma
Source: TikTok

A South African man vowed to never go out partying with his siblings again after his sister pulled a drinking stunt at groove.

Man left embarrassed by sister's drinking

The now-viral TikTok video shows his sister dancing among the crowd as she boldly drinks her Savanna cider while holding the entire six-pack against her mouth and partying without a care in the world.

The sister's drinking stunt left the man feeling embarrassed and wondering why his sister would drink her bev in such a manner.

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The good sis clearly isn't afraid to stand out and do things differently, as evidenced by her unique way of drinking.

Watch the video below:

Mzansi amused by Savanna drinker

The hilarious video has been viewed over one million times and left many netizens amused as they responded with funny comments to the post. Others joked that this was the new way to drink alcohol at groove.

K. responded:

"Omunye nomunye maka thenge i6 pack yakhe."

precioussithebe commented:

"Sekuphuzwa kanje ✌"

Gezephi wrote:


user2265727875277 commented:

"Lapho sewuthi ukubone konke, I give up. You made my night."

user8722262211704 said:

"Ngingadakwa nini nje,phela iyasinda leshandisi."

Lele K❤️ commented:

"Umuntu ophuza imali yekhe uyambona marn❤️"

Jamaican woman's 1st-time Savanna experience goes viral

In another story, Briefly News reported that a young Jamaican woman took to social media to share her first experience of drinking Savanna cider in South Africa.

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In the footage, the woman is heard explaining how she had gone out to a restaurant with friends and asked for a strong alcohol drink to help her cut loose.

The waiter and her friends advised her to have some Savanna, which she greatly underestimated as she thought it was just a weak cider.

Source: Briefly News

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