Jamaican Woman's 1st-time Savanna Experience Goes Vial on TikTok, Leaves SA in Stitches

Jamaican Woman's 1st-time Savanna Experience Goes Vial on TikTok, Leaves SA in Stitches

  • A young Jamaican woman who was visiting South Africa for the first time was surprised by the strength of Savanna cider
  • She thought it was just a weak cider, but after drinking two bottles, she started to act out of character
  • Her friends had to explain to her that it was the Savanna that was making her tipsy
Jamaican woman recalls Savanna experience
A Jamaican woman recalled her first Savanna drinking experience. Image: @annanovia0
Source: TikTok

A young Jamaica woman took to social media to share her first time experience of drinking Savanna cider in South Africa.

Jamaican woman recalls Savanna experience

In the footage, the woman is heard explaining how she had gone out to a restaurant with friends and asked for a strong alcohol drink to help her let loose.

The waiter and her friends advised her to have some Savanna, which she greatly underestimated as she thought it was just a weak cider.

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She goes on to share how she felt a slight buzz after her first bottle but didn't think much of it before she finished her second bottle, and it had her acting out of character before her friends made her realise that the Savanna was making her drunk.

She advised people, especially Jamaicans who happen to visit SA, not to underestimate the power of the apple cider drink.

Watch the funny video below:

Mzansi netizens amused by woman's story

Netizens reacted with laughter and banter to the woman's story. Others also shared other strong alcoholic drinks that left them with funny memories.

Charlene Tineal Wepe commented:

"Do not I repeat, do not play with Savanna I get a headache just at the thought."

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ThePlugg.Official_SA said:

"Babes, Savanna is nothing compared to Brutal 8 Cranberry Rosé, drink two of those,you'll be drunk the whole night."

Thuthu commented:

"Savanna in South Africa is for those with advanced drinking skills . I mean PHD level. But next time I want you to try Russian Bear."

Sativa FX replied:

"Try Russian bear, no dash. 85 % of South Africa needs a rematch."

MissBronnyBoo wrote:

"I'm South African and Savannah is mild. I think the girlies mix it with Jagermeister now and that's what makes you see the another universe ."

Lelzzz replied:

" Savanna in the beginning will play with you & now in SA they mix it with Jägermeister ."

Man uses Bajaj boot as portable cooler box for his Savanna

In another story, Briefly News reported that a video posted on TikTok by @andilezikhali100 shows a man opening the front-end boot of the car to show how he has used it as a portable cooler box, revealing ice and Savanna cider-filled inside.

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The men in the clip can be heard joking and laughing among themselves before opening an ice-cold cider and enjoying a drink.

It's no shock that the video had netizens laughing out loud. Many others inquired about where they could buy the eco-friendly vehicle.

Source: Briefly News

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