Woman From England Takes Taxi in South Africa Alone for 1st Time, TikTok Video Has Mzansi Amused

Woman From England Takes Taxi in South Africa Alone for 1st Time, TikTok Video Has Mzansi Amused

  • A woman who moved to South Africa from England wanted to have an authentic South African experience
  • The lady filmed a vlog taking a taxi by herself for the first time, and it was hilarious to her audience
  • Online users were fascinated by the video as they saw the British woman's reaction to South Africa's public transport

A lady went viral after taking a taxi in Mzansi for the first time. Many people were in tears as they watched her struggle.

TikTok video of UK woman on Suth Africa taxi for first time
A TikTok video shows a woman from England catching a taxi in South Africa for the first time. Image: @lalahassan
Source: TikTok

Online users were amazed by the video of the brave woman. The clip of her taxi experience got thousands of likes from netizens.

UK woman uses SA taxi alone

One lady, @lalahassan_, became a TikTok viral hit with her first experience using a public taxi. In the video, she admitted feeling nervous before approaching a taxi for a lift.

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Watch the video below:

SA amused by UK lady's taxi ride in SA

Many found it hilarious to witness someone struggling to catch a taxi. Netizens commented that she was truly embracing the local way of life.

ninadlamini said:

"Hhaibo sisi, don't leave us hanging. Did you get to Shoprite?"

Chulu wrote:

"Savannah my sister and you not sure where you going?"

Monica Masinga was amused:

"LOL! No not that one, I don’t blame you, girl."

wafika_sid admitted:

"I’ve never been on a taxi and the only thing that’s stopping me is anxiety. There’s just too many understood rules and no one to explain."

gone joked:

"I swear no foreigner is living and experiencing true life in SA like you."

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Source: Briefly News

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