“All the Best”: Man Celebrates Going From Security Guard to Receptionist of a Company, SA Proud

“All the Best”: Man Celebrates Going From Security Guard to Receptionist of a Company, SA Proud

  • A man celebrated a promotion from being a security guard of a company to a receptionist
  • The young man rejoiced, saying progressive things are happening slowly but surely in his life
  • The online community reacted to the guy's promotion with congratulatory messages
A young man expressed his joy at being promoted from guard to receptionist.
A man celebrated being promoted from security guard to receptionist. Images: @grootboom_vida
Source: TikTok

A man celebrated going from a company's security guard to being its receptionist.

@grootboom_vida took to his TikTok account to celebrate this achievement.

In the video he shared, he is happy about the significant change. He said he's things are progressively happening.

"Kancane kancane we are getting there.❤️✔️" (Bit by bit, we are getting there)

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The news got online users in their feel. They come at a time when the unemployment rate soars and people receiving rejection letters from companies is happening too often.

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See the man happy about his promotion

TikTok users celebrated with the man

The video got over 14,000 likes. Many online users rejoiced with the man on his promotion.

@Samkelo Dladla shared:

"From being a security guard of the company to being a CCTV and control room operator. "

@iGhosti, emaGhostini! commented:

"Let’s chase that CEO position now!"

@Janeh Diaries wrote:

"Your win is our win, congratulations. To more doors. So happy for you fam "

@mbal053 shared:

"Congratulations "

@Mrs Carol said:

"All the best "

@Bridget N Makhomu shared:

"This is really making me so emotional am happy for you "

A man promoted from court security guard to court clerk

In another story, Briefly News reported about a courtyard guard who was promoted to court clerk.

A young South African woman headed online where she shared a truly heartfelt post about a young man.

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"Bathong I'm sooo excited, found the security guy inside our court. Noticed he's not wearing his uniform. Guess what? HE IS NOW WORKING AS A COURT CLERK. Don't wanna disturb him, but he granted me permission to post his before and after pics. Definitely getting him a nice branded shirt ka the chelt if my next order," she wrote happily in the post.

Locals loved it and soon shared their well wishes with the young man in the comment section.

Source: Briefly News

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