Woman Gets Hair Cut as Part of Makoti Duty, Mzansi Puzzled by Pressure on Daughter-in-Law

Woman Gets Hair Cut as Part of Makoti Duty, Mzansi Puzzled by Pressure on Daughter-in-Law

  • A woman showed people some of the things she had to do as a daughter-in-law married into Sotho culture
  • The lady from the video of one of the processes which made a big change to her appearance for her new family's sake
  • Online users were divided by the video, and many were curious about the reasoning behind the family's practice

A woman showed people one of her daughter-in-law's duties. The lady posted a video of the moment her new family made her do the big change.

TikTok video shows Sotho makoti duty as big chop
A TikTok shows Sotho makoti, who cut her hair for her in-laws. Image: @mphohadi033
Source: TikTok

The video by the woman left many people in awe. Online users commented on the TikTok video, curious about her in-laws' demands.

Woman sacrifices hair to be in law

In a video, a woman @mphohadi033 told people that her in-laws required her to cut her hair. In the clip, she got her relaxed mane cut off to a bald head.

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She explained the practice:

Mphohadi · Creator

"After getting married in the Sotho culture the makoti gets taken home by the in-laws ho ‘hlaisa mahlo’ to stay at her parents house for like a week or more, then when she goes back to the in-laws. She needs to go back to the her new family with no hair for it to start growing in her new family, which makes her part of their family now. Hope I made sense"

Watch the video below:

South Africa curious about makoti expectation

People comment on the video wondering why she had to cut her. Others complimented the new bride on her big chop.

Read people's varied takes:

Baby Prosperity & Wendy gushed:

"You look beautiful."

️nizolee_ee.m agreed:

"Awww so gorgeous."

Letlhogonolo was curious:

"Why? Respectfully so. I’d love to know the story behind it."

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Koketso Lisa added:

"What if you say no?"

Mphohadi, the creator replied:

"I wanted to, but for peace sake’s I went with it.. besides my hair grows back quick."

Gini shared her story:

"I cried my eyes out ijooo, nagana fela rona ko Lehurutshe gare itse niks ka dilo tseo, ka lla hureeeee."

Daughter-in-law crumbles

In a viral video, a woman cried over the pressure of being a daughter-in-law. Online users thought it was fascinating to see the effect the expectations had

The lady's breakdown touched many people. Online users were amazed after seeing the hard labour she had to do

Wife sings hubby's praises for helping her cook for in-laws

Briefly News previously reported that a Mpumalanga woman gushed over how her husband came to her rescue when it was time to perform her makoti duties. The lucky dame was expecting to cook for her in-laws, and her man stood by her side to ensure she nailed it.

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Netizens congratulated her and joked about their experiences and expectations of being makotis.

Siphesihle Mlangeni told Briefly News that she and her husband, Luister Mlangeni, met in March 2020, and he paid lobola on 26 December.

Source: Briefly News

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