R0.00 Bank Account Blues: TikTok Meme Has South Africans Complaining About the Monday Before Payday

R0.00 Bank Account Blues: TikTok Meme Has South Africans Complaining About the Monday Before Payday

  • A South African TikTok meme shows an uninterested worker sitting through a meeting with no money in his bank account
  • The funny post highlighted the relatable struggle of making ends meet until payday
  • The video resonated with many Mzansi netizens who shared their own experiences navigating financial difficulties
Man in office with no money
A TikTok video showed a disinterested worker in a meeting with an empty bank account. Image: Doucefluer, digitalskillet
Source: Getty Images

A meme about an uninterested worker sitting in a meeting at work with no money in his bank account.

Worker sits with no money

The cost of living is increasing, and making ends meet in South Africa is a significant challenge for many individuals and families. Thankfully, some people can still make light of the stressful reality.

The video shared by @primasecure on TikTok shows the man rolling his eyes in disinterest in a Monday 9 am meeting with R0.00 in his bank account as he awaits payday next week.

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"Life isn’t lifing rn ," the post was captioned.

Payday meme has SA cracking jokes

Scores of Mzansi netizens flooded the post with hilarious comments poking at the scenario that they all seemed to relate to. Viewers shared their financial struggles and how they were battling to make it to their next payday.

It's Bisa wrote:

" Lapho you still have to add your 2 cents to what's being discussed ."

Spitfire commented:

"At this point, I'm living off smart shopper points, and my shell V plus card for petrol as well as Ucount rewards points ."

ongamam asked:

"Why is this so loud ?"

busie said:

"And this was one of the most Monday of Mondays yeerrr."

Thabo Sonjani replied:

"Had to get petrol worth R160 with Sasol Points ."

tadiwannashare commented:

"How are we all living the same life ."

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Shelly said:

"That time NOTHING is funny ."

waafiqa heynes commented:

"Ballin' next week this time ."

zidoz_ responded:

"Mali ayiLast’i ."

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