Boyfriend Rips Off “Cheating” Girlfriend’s Locs Extensions in Viral TikTok Video

Boyfriend Rips Off “Cheating” Girlfriend’s Locs Extensions in Viral TikTok Video

  • A TikTok video captures a boyfriend ripping off cheating girlfriend's locs extensions that he paid for
  • Viewers on the platform expressed shock and concern over the forcefulness of the boyfriend's petty actions
  • The clip sparks discussions about relationship dynamics and the importance of financial independence for women
A man removed his girlfriend's dreadlocs extensions
A man went viral for forcefully removing his girlfriend's locs extensions. Image: @gcobanimavuso
Source: TikTok

A video has caused quite a stir on social media. It shows a boyfriend ripping off his cheating girlfriend's locs.

Man reacts drastically to unfaithful gf

He complained about the money he spent on her hair, only for her to be unfaithful, and somehow justified his drastic action.

The video was posted by @gcobanimavuso and clocked in 658,000 views and hundreds of heated comments.

Mzansi stunned by petty boyfriend

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Viewers are divided. Some were genuinely disturbed by the forcefulness of the boyfriend's actions. Other Mzansi people believe the couple staged the incident for clicks and views.

Watch the video below:

Financial independence for women

For many ladies, the clip was a sobering wake-up call. It highlighted the importance of financial independence and not relying on a partner to avoid embarrassing situations like this one.

See the comments below:

@popie246 said:

"Okusalayo bazodyola naye enjalo."

@Bareki2 shared:

"That is why I wake up ka 4am every day to go to work. No man will ever disrespect me like this."

@Patricia commented:

"Looks like she's enjoying it she's even scratching her head."

@lindokuhlej noted:

"Guys relax! She is just unbraiding and the boyfriend is just saying that it’s his money that went to waste. That’s why he said girlfriends are costly."

@Alwayskeepingitreal@1000 asked:

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"Why are you letting him rip your hair out? Fight back."

@sibongile_R_NGOZO stated:

"Ekare you're enjoying this."

@indlovukazi _01 posted:

"So by doing this are you gonna get your money back?"

@Mayezana added:

"Content, at least make it believable."

Man collapses after finding out girlfriend cheated

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that Mzansi people were reminded to tread carefully regarding mjolo after a video of a couple spread like wildfire on TikTok.

In the clip, the lovebirds can be seen taking part in a YouTube show where they must exchange phones for 60 seconds and go through each other's messages.

Source: Briefly News

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