Video Captures R10m Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Almost Rammed by Toyota Land Cruiser

Video Captures R10m Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Almost Rammed by Toyota Land Cruiser

  • An accident that almost happened between a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and a Toyota Land Cruiser was captured in an Instagram video
  • The Lambo was making its way into an intersection when the Toyota came full speed on the other side, almost ramming the R10 million vehicle
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many feeling thankful that the incident didn't happen
A video captured an incident that almost occurred in Cape Town between a R10m Lamborghini Aventador SV and a Toyota Land Cruiser.
A Toyota Land Cruiser almost hit a R10 million Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Images: @dn.spots/ Instagram, @Martyn Lucy/ Getty Images
Source: UGC

An Instagram video has gained traction. The clip uploaded by @dn.spots showed a Lambo almost rammed by a Toyota Land Cruiser in Cape Town.

Lambo almost rammed by Toyota in Cape Town

The Lambo was making its way out of a Shell garage into a crossroad. The driver looked to see if any cars were behind him so he could safely go.

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As he drove into the intersection, another car, a Toyota Land Cruiser, came at a speed on the right-hand side and almost hit the Lambo - Thanks to the Toyota driver for his quick reflexes and brakes, the incident didn't happen.

Briefly News research shows the Lambo does not cost less than R9 million. On the other hand, Toyota Land Cruiser can go up to a million depending on the type.

A Toyota Land Cruiser almost rammed a Lamborgini SVJ worth millions.
Lamborghini parked in a showroom. Image: @Robert Hradil
Source: Getty Images

Social media users are glad the incident didn't happen

The online users reacted to the video, with many imagining how the incident would have turned out given the price difference between the cars. Netizens hilariously joked about the situation.

@015_shinigami hilariously commented:

"Prado driver hit the breaks, handbrake and put the car in reverse all at the same time."

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@sufi._w joked:

"Bro in the Toyotas life flashed before his eyes."

@p.autom0tive said:

"Bru gave me a heart attack."

@michaill_bailey laughed:

"Bro almost had to sell his house to fix the paint job."

@callan0kappie felt relieved:

"Glad that Land Cruisers brakes were good."

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Source: Briefly News

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