Man Burns His Hand Touching Hot Cow Meat, Mzansi Laughs: “Ya, Ne”

Man Burns His Hand Touching Hot Cow Meat, Mzansi Laughs: “Ya, Ne”

  • A young gentleman had social media users when he tried creating content with hot cow meat
  • The TikTok video captured him burning himself with the meat that he thought was not that hot
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many finding him hilarious and trying to figure out his logical thinking at that moment
A TikTok video captured a man burning his hand with hot cow meat.
A man burned his hand after touching hot cow meat. Images: @lake_11.
Source: Instagram

A young man burned his hands after touching hot cow meat that was dished in a cultural event.

The moment was captured in a TikTok video by @emihleeeee. In the clip, the TikTokker's brother gets one big piece of meat from a huge bowl while it is being dished.

He wanted to show it off in the video, but little did he know it was very hot. He thought that holding it by the bone wouldn't burn him, but unfortunately, it did. He quickly put it down, and his sister laughed at her funny brother.

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"My brother is literally the funniest person I know."

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A guy holds hot meat and gets burnt

Watch the funny TikTok video below:

TikTokkers laughed at the young man

The video garnered over 300k likes, with many online users finding the young man hilarious.

@Mfoka Madlanduna Luthuli PE wondered:

"So he thought the bone stays cold even from the pot."

@EarthSign craked:

"The man nearly dropped Lamb Shank."

@Mr Malinga shared:

"We all have that one member of the who gets overly excited whenever there's a ceremony, especially when they see people ."

@Reincarnated_muse asked:

"Yoh the way I cracked up, did he not see the steam coming out of the bowl? ,"

@SirGeorge said:

"Yah ne, for the content."

@NST laughed:


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