Bi Phakathi Sells Bread for R10, Gives Man R5 000 for Having Faith

Bi Phakathi Sells Bread for R10, Gives Man R5 000 for Having Faith

  • Mzansi's well-known philanthropist, BI Phakathi, sold brown bread for R10 to strangers to test their faith
  • One man bought the bread, and to his surprise, Phakathi gave him R5 000 for having faith
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many applauding BI for his good deeds
BI Phakathi sold bread for R10 to test people's faith and gave a man R5 000 for passing the test.
Bi Phakathi sold bread for R10 and gave a man with faith R5 000. Images BI Phakathi/ Facebook, @JGI/ Jamie Grill/ Getty Images
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South African well-known philanthropist BI Phakati did it again. Phakathi gave a man who had faith R5 000.

In a video he posted on Facebook, Phakathi is on the street with bread and a piece of paper written "R 5000." However, he ensured the paper was hidden as he sold the bread to random people in the street for R10.

He encountered a guy who came from the shop to buy a few items and told him he was selling the bread for ten rands. The man said he unfortunately didn't have it. Phakathi lowered the price and said it was fine even if he gave him five rands. The man also didn't have that.

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The philanthropist moved to the next person, a random elderly man. The man asked Phakathi why did he buy the bread in the first place if he didn't want it. BI cooked up a story, saying he lost his money and wanted to sell the bread to go home.

Random man buys the bread from Phakathi

The man buys the story and the bread. He doesn't notice what is written on the bread. As he is going, Phakathi calls him and asks him if he saw what is written on the bread. Only then does the man notice.

Phakathi gave the man R5 000. He was in disbelief and thought the philanthropist was pranking him. Phakathi said he was testing his faith. The man was thankful.

BI Phakathi gives away R5 000 to man with faith

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Watch the Facebook video below:

Netizens applauded BI Phakathi for the good deed

Online users flocked into the comment section, with many encouraging Phakathi to keep up the good work.

@Gule Mpendulo joked:

"Whenever I see someone selling bread I buy it. God bless you sir."

@Sipho Vusi said:

"The hands that give are so much blessed in the eyes of the Lord."

@Goodwillmariwo Page felt grateful:

"Wow, nice lesson and also thank you for the great gift."

@Eileen Kenny Camacho complimented:

"You are Amazing. Thank you for caring."

BI Phakathi takes homeless man to restaurant

In another story, Briefly News reported that BI Phakathi took a man picking up food from the streets to a restaurant and gave him money.

In a Facebook video, BI Phakathi sees the man picking up an apple from the ground. He approaches him and asks why he is picking up rotten food. The man tells the philanthropist his story as they eat at a restaurant. Before he leaves, Phakathi gives him cash.

Source: Briefly News

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