Tenant Redecorates Room With Dark Colours, Paints Sink Black, His Landlady Cries

Tenant Redecorates Room With Dark Colours, Paints Sink Black, His Landlady Cries

  • A tenant got people talking online about his choice of painting for his apartment, which many found distasteful
  • The tenant had bats drawn into dark colours that made the apartment look like a spiritual abode
  • The man's landlady could not hide her feelings when she saw that the tenant also painted her WC black

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A landlady has gone online to share her experience with a tenant who unusually redecorated her house.

When checking the house, she and others saw the scary designs the tenants did on both the walls and the ceiling.

Renting a house in Nigeria/Tenant and landlady.
A tenant repainted an apartment he rented in his own style. Image: @mamakiingy
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Tenant repainted room and toilet

The choice of painting and graffiti made the apartment darker and created a gothic ambience. She was surprised.

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The tenant also applied his rare design taste to the toilet and painted the water closet black. The landlady (@mamakiingy) got someone to clean it, but the painting would not come off.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to tenant's unusual painting choices

Social media users rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts

@Perfume/Jewelry vendor in ABK exclaimed:

"Haaaa, the person turn house to evil forest."

@fanbabyyy commented:

"Person Dey practice witchcraft, una say na aesthetics. God!"

@monibecca gave insight:

"He might be a painter or an artist."

@Favour Richie asked:

"Wait o am I the only one that finds this cute? Except the wc part sha."

@Amie added:

"Why didn’t he build his own house and do whatever he chooseesss."

@Dims_lashh said:

"Painting the room is different but the toilet."

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Nikki fragrances said:

"He was a wizard. please get a pastor to bless that room after because..."

OTF Youngset said:

"Always collect like 3 months down payment of the person wan pack out u check ur apartment b4 giving back the money."

Kim namjoon said:

"I think he’s just expressing his creativity tho he’s not mad jare! But painting the toilet thingie too is a bit much."

Cynthia Egbo said:

"You sure say no be ritualist you give house?"

Tenants repainted landlord's apartments

Meanwhile, Briefly News recently reported that a Nigerian man was joyful after his tenants helped repaint his house, and he has shared photos of the building online. The landlord, Tom Alims, said the tenants were new, noting that he was genuinely happy because they made the building look clean.

Tom shared photos of the building on Facebook and prayed that the tenants would build their own house one day, too.

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