Disgusted Woman Shares Images of Fly Eggs Found on Her Fried Chicken on Social Media, Mzansi Divided

Disgusted Woman Shares Images of Fly Eggs Found on Her Fried Chicken on Social Media, Mzansi Divided

  • An SA woman posted images showing a meal she claimed to have bought from a popular chicken franchise in Kimberley
  • Robynne Sudbury shared photos on Facebook claiming to show fly eggs on her fried chicken
  • The post sparked debate online, with some people disgusted and believing her story while others questioned its authenticity

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A woman shared photos claiming to show fly eggs on her fried chicken from a popular chicken franchise
A woman's post claiming to have found fly eggs on her chicken left SA divided. Image: Robynne Sudbury
Source: Facebook

An infuriated woman took to social media to complain about how she found fly eggs in a meal she bought from a local chicken franchise.

Woman finds fly eggs on fried chicken

Robynne Sudbury from Kimberley shared a post on Facebook which featured images of her fried chicken, which had small yellow-like specimens on it, which she believed to be fly eggs.

Check out the post below:

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A South African woman claimed that her fried chicken from a popular fast food outlet had fly eggs on it
Robynne Sudbury shared photos on Facebook claiming to show fly eggs on her fried chicken. Image: Robynne Sudbury
Source: Facebook

According to POE Knowledge, accidentally ingesting maggots or fly eggs does not generally cause lasting harm. However, it is recommended that you see a doctor if you experience any concerning symptoms.

SA shares their thoughts on fly eggs incident

Many netizens responded to the post with mixed reactions. While some shared the woman's dissatisfaction with the fried chicken meal from the well-known franchise, others weren't so convinced the incident was real.

One man even claimed the chicken must have been left out for a while, considering how the fly eggs were laid on the chicken.

Karen Olsen wrote:

"This is totally gross, so I Googled 'fly eggs on chicken' and couldn't believe how many instances were reported, a lot with KFC all over the world!! Have a look."

Jan De Bruin replied:

"In my opinion if that was on top of the coating, yes I would agree, but the only way that it could be there like that is if it was left in the open with the coating removed. Even the position of the eggs clearly show that the coating was not on when it was laid."

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David White said:

"It surprises me that people are surprised when this happens to them, considering where it’s from‍."

Sadia Ebrahim replied:

"Thank God I don't eat takeaways."

Wayne Dalton commented:

"And GROSS! Glad I don't eat KFC."

Winona Jemane responded:

"That's why I don't eat KFC."

Marwane OT Ontihetse said:

"Proof of purchase please."

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In another story, Briefly News reported that a now-viral video showing filth outside a local fast-food restaurant had many South Africans grossed out.

A video shared on Facebook shows footage taken by a customer from the drive-thru.

It shows waste, disgusting fluid and sludge flowing from outside the fast-food establishment.

Source: Briefly News

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