Man Shares 2 Interesting Things He Noticed after Taking Baby Milk, Vows Never to Stop

Man Shares 2 Interesting Things He Noticed after Taking Baby Milk, Vows Never to Stop

  • A Nigerian man has surprisingly become a fan of baby milk after rating it above the ones adults consume
  • He shared two interesting things he took note of about baby milk, which made it better than adult milk
  • His assertion about baby milk sent social media users into a frenzy as people picked sides between both

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A Nigerian man, has said he will use baby milk to drink tea and pap.

He shared a picture of a baby milk product, saying it is sweeter and more enriched than adult milk.

Nigerian man dumps adult milk after tasting baby milk
The man noticed that baby milk is sweeter. The image of a baby milk used here is for illustration purpose and is unrelated to the story. Photo Credit: Sod Tatong, Facebook/Awuzie Frankline
Source: UGC

Man enjoys baby formula

Frankline wondered who introduced adult milk to people and maintained that baby milk was more nutritious.

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He added that no one can convince him to do otherwise. Frankline wrote:

"Baby’s milk is sweeter and more enriched than adult milks . I don’t know who introduced adult milks like peak milk to us when this NAN 1️⃣ is very sweet and Nutritious.
"Henceforth, I will be using Baby’s Milk to drink tea and akamu . There is nothing anyone can do to convince me to use adult milk again."he concluded

Netizens amused by Awuzie Frankline's assertion

Social media users had a mouthful to say.

Chukwudi Chinonso Princewill Great added:

"My Oga, I confirmed what you said but I must say you're missing out, since I tried breast milk I vowed to be collecting it from my Wife.It contains all the nutrients I need as a Man and Husband to function well.Test and thank me later."

Exceptional mirabliss said:

"You be baby for your mama and papa side too. The different between you and infant na just size we are all babies."

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Ify Rita Isienyi Aniakor said:

"You are saying the truth I licked shege commot from my baby's Aptamil until I became tired now iam tired of it because I have over licked it if my daughter drank 100 tins (we didn't breastfeed, drink water nor took anything at all) nah me finish 5tins honestly."

Frank Lino said:

"I wanted to advice you, but you said ,"Nothing anyone go tell you. Let me mind my business."

Ann Nenye said:

"My brother no be lie."
"Na me Dey finish my four months baby milk.The milk is too sweet ."

Priness Ogo James said:

"From dragging breast milk with babies to drinking their milk . One day all the babies will have meeting for you fathers ."

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