Mzansi Netizens Baffled as Man Playfully Does Backflips Over Sheep With Epic Jumps in Video

Mzansi Netizens Baffled as Man Playfully Does Backflips Over Sheep With Epic Jumps in Video

  • A South African man's playful encounter with a sheep has gone viral on TikTok
  • The video shows the energetic man repeatedly tricking the sheep into charging at him before performing impressive backflips
  • South African netizens found the video hilarious, with some joking about the sheep potentially becoming a meal

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A man's playful encounter with a sheep has gone viral on TikTok
A man played with a sheep by doing backflips over it. Image: @tlotlisang88
Source: TikTok

An energetic man's encounter with a sheep had Mzansi netizens cracking jokes and filled with confusion.

Man jumps over sheep

A TikTok video shared by @tlotlisang88 shows him playing with a sheep as he gets it to run and charge directly at him before he demonstrates some impressive backflip moves and jumps over it.

Working up quite a sweat, he tricked the poor sheep several times before the video ended. Watch the funny clip below:

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Mzansi throws sheep jokes

The video garnered many views and comments from entertained netizens who joked about the man's backflip skills and that he was playing with a potential lamb meal.

Minnie said the man was playing with a lamb shank:

"Waze wadlala nge lamb shank ."

‍♀️SBAHLE SN joked:

"Badlala ngenyama eLesotho (They're playing with meat in Lesotho)."

WeBelongToJesus wanted to see the entire video:

"❤I might be wrong, but in that last clip, there is no way you escaped... we demand to see the hidden footage."

Litha Tyamzashe teased that one day, the sheep would catch him:

"One day is one day ."

No compared the man to an American artistic gymnast:

"Haibo Simone Biles?."

Candice Leigh joked about the sheep being isishebo (stew)

"Nangu edlala nesishibo ."

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Woman attempts to feed giraffe chips

In another story, Briefly News reported that a woman's close encounter with a giraffe caused her to squeal and break a sweat.

A TikTok video by Ayisha Mthembu shows her sitting in the passenger seat of a car as her friend in the driver's seat encourages her to feed the giraffe some of her chips.

The large mammal peers its head into the vehicle's window, accepting the chips and continuing to reach for more.

Source: Briefly News

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