Battle of the Content Creators: Nara Smith Taking Onezwa Mbola to Court for Defamation of Character

Battle of the Content Creators: Nara Smith Taking Onezwa Mbola to Court for Defamation of Character

  • Nara Smith is ready to take Onezwa Mbola to court for the recent allegations she’s been making against her
  • Mbola has made claims that Smith has been stealing her content on social media, which is making Smith’s pockets fatter
  • Mbola has taken a break from creating content because of the underwhelming of having her content stolen by a privileged American content creator who gets paid for views

American content creator and mother Nara Smith is ready to battle things with Mzansi’s foodie in court.

Nara Smith to take Onezwa Mbola to court
American content creator Nara Smith will take Mzansi's cook to court for defamation of character. Image: @naraazizasmith and @onezwambola/ TikTok
Source: TikTok

The creators produce similar content that when put side by side, the difference is their background.

Content stealing scandal

Mbola has been seeing double when it comes to Smith’s content but was able to place her finger on the cook’s secret recipe. Theft! Mbola realised for sure that Smith was stealing her ideas when she took a hiatus on TikTok.

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Mbola explained that Smith then went to her YouTube to draw more than inspiration from her content. Smith has announced that she has done no such and that she had never even laid eyes on Mbola’s work, but Mzansi investigated and found Smith’s comment on one of Mbola’s earlier works.

A day ago, Smith reached out to Mbola to clear the air by apologising to her, or she would take her to court for defamation of character to which Mbola laughed at.

See the email below:

"Dear Onezwa Mbola,
" hope this email finds you well.
"I am writing to address a serious matter regarding your recent statements accusing me of stealing your content. You have publicly claimed that I stole your videos related to Boba tea and mozzarella cheese which is untrue and damaging to my reputation.

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"These allegations are entirely false. The videos in question are not my original creations, and I have all the necessary proof on the necessary proof on the social media platform TikTok. Your false accusations have caused significant harm to my personal and professional reputation.
"This email serves as a formal notice that if you do not retract your statements and cease making these defamatory claims immediately, I will have no choice but to pursue legal action against you for defamation of character. I strongly urge you to take this matter seriously and to address it promptly to avoid further legal consequences.
"I expect your prompt response and a public retraction of your false claims.
"Nara Smith

Content creation is a real job

Mbola announced her struggles on social media because she could not stand being compared to Smith nor watch her gain from her content any longer. The Mzansi TikTokker explained that Smith makes more money per view on her posts while she only makes money through paid collaborations.

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The unfairness drove Mbola to expose Smith’s inspiration hub which split the internet in half. Many are standing behind, but Smith has an army with her as well. It looks like Smith will have to drag Mbola to court because the Mzansi lady is not apologising for any of her statements.

Nara Smith has been trending in SA

Briefly News has been following the Nara Smith saga and recently reported that the heartbreaking story of Mzansi’s famous content creator, Onezwa Mbola, keeps on getting worse. The foodie opened up about having her precious content stolen by America’s social media star, Nara Smith.

The girls produce similar content where they prepare food from scratch, but Mbola noticed that Smith drew more than inspiration from her. The celebrated South African lifestyle and food content creator has announced that she will take a break from doing what she loves most.

Source: Briefly News

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