Overseas Man Visiting Africa Gets Wife for 5 Cows, Netizens Envious: “Come Buy Me As Well”

Overseas Man Visiting Africa Gets Wife for 5 Cows, Netizens Envious: “Come Buy Me As Well”

  • A United States of America tourist in Africa shared how he paid lobola for an African woman
  • The gent said that he was exploring different wedding traditions worldwide and was curious about the African one
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many laughing and some giving him lessons on the culture
An American tourist shared how she bought a wife in Africa for five cows.
An American tourist in Africa bought five cows as lobola for an African woman. Images: @firstthingsthrst_podcast/ TikTok, @Catherine Falls Commercial/ Getty Images
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A European man shared how he "bought" a wife for five cows during his visit to Africa.

In the TikTok video uploaded by @firstthingsthrst_podcast, the man shared his experience of touring in Africa. He further revealed that he has a wife he paid five cows for.

In the clip, the cows he used as dowry can be seen guarded by a few African men. The tourist was also captured with the woman's family. In the video, the African woman's family was happy with what the tourist did.

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However, the man was not serious about the "marriage". He was simply exploring different cultures. He further revealed that the woman occasionally calls him. He further said that she wants a United States of America visa.

Tourist pays lobola for African woman

Watch the TikTok video below:

Netizens found the man's story entertaining

The video garnered over 800k views, with many online users educating him on the African culture and some finding him funny.

@Lynn laughed:

" I can't wait for him to realize that he's legally married and this podcast stand as proof."

@ntatemosola commented:

"It is not buying but appreciation to the family of your wife and also to bring together the ancestors to bless the marriage."

@Veronica Njau corrected:

"He does not understand the meaning of dowry ."

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@B.A.R.A.K.A❤️‍ pointed out:

"Sir it’s called dowry ."

@April felt envious:

"Come buy me as well ."

White man impresses with his respect for African culture

In another story, Briefly News reported about a white man who paid lobola by throwing money on the floor at his future in-laws' house.

In the clip posted by @fancychancyclothing on TikTok, the man entered his supposed fiance's home, throwing cash notes on the floor as he walked in. It was not clear what tribe or culture the man's partner was from or whether the man was paying for lobola or simply honouring his African in-laws, but many netizens were pleased by how he respected the family's practices.

Source: Briefly News

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