“South Africans Though”: Shop Puts Up Sign to Prevent Customers From Tasting, Mzansi Laughs

“South Africans Though”: Shop Puts Up Sign to Prevent Customers From Tasting, Mzansi Laughs

  • The management from one of South Africa's stores has had enough of customers tasting food that they will not buy
  • The executive decided to put a sign on the shop's meat section asking people not to taste before buying
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many finding the situation hilariously funny

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A South African retail store Banned food tasting and left TikTok users in stitches.
A retail store's no-tasting sign Sparked laughter and went viral on TikTok. Images: @Luca Sola, @PeopleImages
Source: Getty Images

Management from one of South Africa's retail stores hilariously instructed customers not to taste the food before they buy it.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @vitaminzeelifestyle, a man walked into the retail store and was stunned by a sign on the cooked meat section saying that customers should not taste before they buy the food.

The content creator joked, saying that South African people are something special because it must have been hectic for the management to reach the level of putting up a note, prohibiting tasting.

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"South Africans though."

Store puts a no-tasting sign on the cooked meat section

Watch the hilarious TikTok video below:

Netizens found the store's sign funny

The video raked over 500k views, with many online users finding the whole situation hilariously funny.

@Sipi commented:

"I could never buy food that's on display."

@MelleyA shared:

"Lol, I always taste grapes and never buy them ."

@BiggieMntungwa asked:

"How can you eat something or buy without testing? We test everything even toilet rolls, I must take them home first."

@jabu expressed:

"South Africa for me. Love you lots, you are so unique."

@Hope laughed:

"Only in SA."

@sthokococo wondered:

"Guys, I never got to find out if we can still taste grapes for preference? or was it just my fam doing their own thing?"

@THE BOSS blamed the employees:

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"It's the staff that's taking advantage ."

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In another story, Briefly News reported about a man who shared his experience of tasting cow heels for the first time.

Yungearn sat in his car while eating the cow heels. He had some other popular Mzansi foods to eat, such as dombolo (dumplings) and chakalaka. The TikTok video had peeps from across the country interested in suggesting more things for the good-spirited gent to try out.

Source: Briefly News

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