Woman’s Brother Puts On Makeup, TikTok Video of Face Beat Attempt Impresses Viewers

Woman’s Brother Puts On Makeup, TikTok Video of Face Beat Attempt Impresses Viewers

  • A little boy looked ecstatic as he got to experiment after exploring his sister's makeup collection
  • The kid's older sister posted the adorable TikTok video of her brother having fun with all her cosmetics
  • Netizens commented on the viral TikTok video and gave their hilarious reviews of the boy's work

A little boy's sister was amused by his antics. She filmed a video showing the boy playing with his sister's belongings.

TikTok video shows woma's brother with make up on
A TikTok video shows a woman's younger brother having fun with makeup. Image: TikTok / @carl_dhlamini / Getty Images / Blue sky in my pocket
Source: UGC

The video of the boy interacting with his family got more than 7000 likes. There were hundreds of comments from amused people.

Sister posts TikTok video of playful brother

A TikTok creator, @carol_dhlamini, posted a video of her younger brother putting on makeup. She explained that he was copying her after seeing her do the same.

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Watch the video:

South Africans impressed by kid

Many people could see the potential in the little boy's makeup. Some people thought he may have a natural flair for makeup.

LoveHer wrote:

"Okay but he's good, he's eating the liner and eyebrows more than some girlies."

miss_Probee commented:

"Not me waiting for him to start slaying a wig with that flawless makeup."

Re.ooo gushed:

"He's so cute."

_ declared:

"He's going to be a great make up artist one day."

user8188070377684 added"

"The eyeliner and eyebrows are telling us he has been practicing."

KhiweG Herself applauded:

"He ate… please."

Koketso could relate:

"My little brother does this, too he even dresses up and wears wigs."

Kid wastes mom's cosmetics

A little girl got up to no good with her mom's items. The kid made a huge mess after getting a hold of her make-up.

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SA netizens amazed by 10-year-old girl's makeup skills

Briefly News previously reported that makeup is a skill. It requires knowledge of different techniques, products, and tools. It also requires creativity and artistry.

One baby girl is fast mastering the art of makeup and has impressed many Mzansi netizens on social media.

A video posted on TikTok by @kuhlee18 shows the 10-year-old girl sharing a step-by-step makeup tutorial of how she dolled up her face using various beauty products.

Source: Briefly News

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