Homeless Celeb Bonga Sithole’s Controversial Remarks on Alostro in TikTok Video Angers Mzansi

Homeless Celeb Bonga Sithole’s Controversial Remarks on Alostro in TikTok Video Angers Mzansi

  • Bonga Sithole recently asked Mzansi people to stop comparing him to fellow homeless man Alostro
  • The articulate street dweller is seen boldly asserting his intelligence over Alostro's in a TikTok video
  • Netizens slammed Bonga in the comments section and called him out for looking down on Alostro
Homeless man Bonga Sithole sparked a beef with Alostro
Bonga Sithole dissed Alostro and the video got Mzansi riled up. Image: @PercyShayamunda and @Djkarri
Source: Twitter

Alright, folks, grab your popcorn! The streets are buzzing with drama as Bonga Sithole took aim at his street rival Alostro.

Bonga rants about Alostro comparisons

Bonga's got sass, no doubt! He said he's had it up to here with people comparing him to Alostro. He voiced his anger on The Mass Embrace with the B.O.N.G.A podcast on YouTube.

Bonga stressed that they are totally different even though they are both homeless. He emphasised that he's smart and Alostro is "dumb."

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Bonga Sithole's video gains traction

A clip of the episode was posted on TikTok by @vnatorsgora and grabbed Mzansi people's attention. The video has more than 292,000 views and counting.

Watch the video below:

Bonga Sithole faces backlash

But uh-oh, not everyone's vibing with Bonga's demand. Netizens called Bonga out and accused him of being too full of himself.

Plus, they pointed out Alostro's efforts to kick his nyaope addiction in rehab and dragged Bonga for skipping rehab last year.

@faith_ntabeni said:

"Ku Bonga we are masses. Lapho nguye eseke bhora big time now."

@tumeloanu wrote:

"Maar Alostro he is a self-educated in mind."


"Alostro is the greatest hobo of all time."

@Tshepo commented:

"Alostro is cleaning himself something you couldn't do."

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@Mohwaduba mentioned:

"But Alostro is doing better than you, just admit."

@mapulaphaho said:

"They are not the same this one is full of himself for nothing. Alostro found himself and he wanted to be better. He made a very wise decision."

@nolimitbrxndon joked:

"Never did I imagine I'd witness phara beef."

@autumar2 added:

"Bonga vs Alostro is like Ronaldo and Messi."

@Eugene posted:

"Alostro don't have cheap pride."

Mzansi excited over Alostro spotting in Pretoria

In a related article, Briefly News reported that Alostro was filmed in Pretoria. Peeps were excited as the man was in the headlines in 2020 during the pandemic.

The latest video of Alostro was a hit with over 50,000 likes. Alostro's reaction to seeing the camera amused people.

Source: Briefly News

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