Barcardi Producer DJ Mujava Struggling and Allegedly Fighting Nyaope Addiction, Mzansi Stunned

Barcardi Producer DJ Mujava Struggling and Allegedly Fighting Nyaope Addiction, Mzansi Stunned

  • DJ Mujava is said to be down and out and things haven't been the same since his fall from grace
  • Popularly known for the hit song Mugwanti wa Pitori, the Bacardi DJ is reportedly hooked on nyaope
  • Mzansi was saddened to find out what has become of DJ Mujava's life and taking lessons from his downfall
DJ Mujava is said to be struggling with a nyaope addiction
Fans were stunned to find out that Barcardi producer DJ Mujava had a nyaope problem. Images: keenanrox, DjVoqul
Source: Twitter

DJ Mujava, the maker of the popular Bacardi song, Mugwanti wa Pitori, is said to be roaming the streets and still fighting a nyaope addiction. Fans are sad to see the once-popular producer reduced to nothing more than a beggar.

DJ Mujava struggles with addiction

DJ Mujava was a prominent figure and producer in Tshwane, whose hit songs, Mugwanti wa Pitori and Township Funk, made him a force to reckon with in the Bacardi space.

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Real name Elvis Maswanganyi, the DJ is said to still be battling with a nyaope addiction that has taken over his life for many years.

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According to ZiMoja, a former associate of Mujava spotted him in the streets of Attredgeville, Pretoria, begging for money.

Compelled to help, the associate returned to the same place, only to find Mujava and a group of young men huggled up smoking nyaope, noting that the once-loved producer had refused help from family.

In the film Future Sound of Mzansi, Mujava opened up about his rise to the top and ultimate decline.

The Bacardi DJ revealed he was once locked up at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital for smoking weed. There, he was injected with various drugs that affected his creativity:

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President ya Straata, Focalistic once shared a video with Mujava and referred to him as his childhood idol:

"Got to meet my childhood idol last night; DJ Mujaca! A humble man, he said I’m inspiring him."

Mzansi reacts to DJ Mujava's condition

Netizens are stunned to find out about DJ Mujava's decline from stardom:

I_Am_Bonolo revealed:

"Mujava has been on drugs for years. Even when he was popular, he used to dabble in drugs."

queenwasemzansi was stunned:

"Bathong! He has no idea that he used to be the Beyoncé of Pretoria."

aey_dear said:

"The Mujava story is always heartbreaking when hearing about it, man."

iamJumok wrote:

"Been meaning to ask, where was this guy was hiding all along?"

mutunda_jabu posted:

"Heartbreaking story. The sad part is that many Amapiano hit songs are inspired by DJ Mujava's songs."

Proudly012 responded:

"At the time when Barcadi is thriving."

Gayton McKenzie commits to fighting drug abuse

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In an earlier report, Briefly News shared Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie's pledge to send several drug addicts to rehab.

"I have been given a second chance; hence today, I specialise in second chances."

Previously, former Generations star Thabiso Mokhethi opened up about his marital problems and drug addiction.

Source: Briefly News

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