Sizwe Dhlomo Questions Clubs Giving Gigs to Homeless Alostro, Mzansi Divided: “I’m Over Clubbing”

Sizwe Dhlomo Questions Clubs Giving Gigs to Homeless Alostro, Mzansi Divided: “I’m Over Clubbing”

  • Sizwe Dhlomo is unimpressed at some clubs giving gigs to homeless Alostro
  • The popular homeless man has been booked and busy and club-hopping for several weeks
  • Mzansi was divided in opinion, where some accused Sizwe of being classist
Sizwe Dhlomo threw shade at homeless Alostro's club gigs
Sizwe Dhlomo asked netizens if they're now partying with homeless people after seeing Alostro's nightclub photos. Images: Instagram/ sizwedhlomo, Twitter/ _mishumo_.
Source: UGC

Sizwe Dhlomo has social media shaking after he questioned why a homeless person was going to nightclubs. This comes after homeless social media sensation Alostro started making several club appearances.

While some netizens were as puzzled as Sizwe, some asked why Alostro or other homeless people shouldn't be in clubs.

Sizwe Dhlomo raises question over Alostro's club gigs

It's not every day that you go to groove and bump into a homeless person, a known one at that. This is the current trend after homeless Alostro began making club appearances.

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In a recent video posted by Twitter (X) user PMC Africa, Alostro was captured performing at Propaganda in Pretoria:

Some netizens were happy to see the comedic Alostro getting his shine after homeless Bonga went into hiding.

Others, like Sizwe Dhlomo, weren't as impressed and posted a tweet asking if people are now grooving with the homeless:

"Guys, what’s going on in clubs? Are you now partying with homeless people?"

Mzansi weighs in on Sizwe Dhlomo's critique

Netizens were divided in opinion, where some were as puzzled as Sizwe Dhlomo:

SandileCharles3 said:

"Was asking myself why can't they take the guy to rehab if they really care about him."

MzuraVanie wrote:

"I'd be so mad if I'd go to the club then boom, iphara on stage."

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On the other hand, some netizens shamed Sizwe and accused him of being classist:

like_confettii asked:

"Are they not human beings? Who must the homeless people with? Animals?"

rich_dux said:

"For all we know he could be working on turning over a new leaf in his life, as he's been performing meaning he was BOOKED, not even hurting anyone. But there you are in your fortunate state. Judging in an ignorant classist fashion."

Woman buys food hampers for the homeless

In a recent report, Briefly News caught online reactions to a woman packaging food hampers in buckets to hand out to some homeless people.

The lady is said to have used her savings to buy the food, and the kind gesture warmed many hearts, seeing that it's the festive season:

Otilliah.g mentioned:

"The world needs more people like you, may blessings follow you."

Source: Briefly News

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