"God Did": Woman Goes From Being Unemployed Mom to Securing Great Marketing Job, Inspires on TikTok

"God Did": Woman Goes From Being Unemployed Mom to Securing Great Marketing Job, Inspires on TikTok

  • A young South African woman posted a TikTok video opening up about her life as a young mom
  • In the post, @mbalznginza, the woman disclosed that she was unemployed and hadn't finished university upon having a baby
  • The woman's life took a positive turn around six months later, seeing her thriving in her marketing career
A woman opened up about being unemployed and without a degree when she had her baby
A woman shared her powerful story of being an unemployed young mom to securing an impressive job. Image: @mbalznginza
Source: TikTok

A Mzansi woman took to social media to share an inspiring testimony about going from being a struggling young mom to going after her corporate girlie dreams.

Mom goes from being unemployed to securing a marketing job

TikTok user @mbalznginza posted a video showing herself holding her newborn baby. In it, she revealed that she was unemployed, hadn't finished university, and had no degree.

The footage switched to show the young mom six months later working an impressive marketing job for a big corporate company.

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In a montage of clips, @mbalznginza is seen beaming with joy as she receives an award, thrives in her career, and includes a clip from her baby's first birthday celebration.

"GOD DID," @mbalznginza captioned the post.

Watch the video below:

Young mom's success inspires SA

The video garnered many views and comments from netizens who were touched and inspired by the young mom's post.

@mbalznginza also resonated with many young and expectant mothers who shared their stresses and struggles and talked about their journeys.

gorata149 said:

"You got this mommy. I was pregnant around March I lost it. I'm so hurt that I get triggered easily when I see babies or pregnant women ."

Thami responded:

"Mna am pregnant and single in my final year of varsity. I am just thankful that my parents are supportive. Honestly, this baby is my motivation, and yes, it was difficult at first, but now I am happy."

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Vhoni said:

"From another young mommy: you’ll definitely be fine mama ."

mhani_hlu wrote:

"That was me 14 years ago…everything turned out as God would have planned eventually, now married expecting my second permanent in a managerial role. We are all going to be fine , just keep hope alive."

Chasing Wholesome|| OSY KHULU said:

"I’ve been so anxious thinking how I’ll do it but I know we will be okay. Thank you ❤️."

Momo_Ka_Nono05 replied:

"Pregnancy can bring miracles yaz❤️."

Kefilwetsentle said:

"Currently pregnant and alone, with an uncertain job but God is still God!!!"

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