Namibian Man Narrowly Escapes From Criminals in Swakopmund, CCTV Footage Stuns TikTok Users

Namibian Man Narrowly Escapes From Criminals in Swakopmund, CCTV Footage Stuns TikTok Users

  • A TikTok video capturing a Namibian man's narrow escape from criminals in Swakopmund, left viewers stunned
  • The pedestrian demonstrated quick thinking as he evaded the attackers by jumping over a nearby gate
  • Netizens reacted to the intense CCTV footage, and praised the guy for dodging the brazen criminals
A stock photo of man looking at his phone and an image of an attempted robbery
A man was captured fleeing from criminals in Nambia. Image: Stock photo/Getty and @josiashigwedha/TikTok
Source: UGC

A Namibian man found himself in a heart-pounding situation when he narrowly escaped from criminals in Swakopmund. The incident was captured in gripping CCTV footage.

Man's close call with danger

Three men attempted to ambush him in the dead of night. The pedestrian's quick thinking saved him from potential harm, as shown in a TikTok clip by @josiashigwedha.

The attackers hopped from a vehicle and approached the guy. However, his spidey senses made him jump over a nearby gate to evade his pursuers.

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Video spreads on TikTok

The CCTV footage went viral on TikTok, garnering over 556,000 views and commentary from viewers.

Watch the video below:

TikTok users breathe sigh of relief

People expressed relief that he managed to escape unharmed, and others highlighted the importance of staying safe, especially at nighttime.

Read a few comments below:

@Royce said:

"It's called Swakop and you think you can walk at night? "

@nthabeleng_17 wrote:

"My biggest fear is doing something like this but finding a pitbull on the other side. "

@nmoloto_16_04 posted:

"That landing was definitely from God. "

@_itss_me__1 stated:

"Imagine if it was an electric fence. "

@bigedrobin mentioned:

"I’d rather die from the pitbull than be napped, turned into muthi and never found. "

@Annatjie commented:

"They probably just wanted his phone. Has to be an expensive phone that he was probably holding at groove and they were monitoring him. Great escape though."

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@Lepara typed:

"Thank God he is safe! Jerrrrrrrr, but those are some Jackie Chan moves. "

@Syamthanda added:

"Namibia has a real Spiderman. "

CCTV captures a man getting robbed

In a similar story, Briefly News reported that an unsuspecting victim found himself injured at the hands of robbers in the notorious Vannin Court in Hilbrow, Johannesburg.

Many victims have been robbed in the area, so always staying alert while walking around near the hijacked building is advisable. At first, the clip looks like a typical day spent chilling with friends on the side of the street.

Source: Briefly News

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