Man Expertly Fools Deadly Cobra, Catches It Using Unusual Means in Toilet, SA Floored: “Safer Ways”

Man Expertly Fools Deadly Cobra, Catches It Using Unusual Means in Toilet, SA Floored: “Safer Ways”

  • A video showing a man's unusual method of catching a venomous King Cobra snake has gone viral online
  • In the clip, the man lures the reptile, boasting the title of the world's longest venomous snake, into a 5L plastic water bottle
  • The material, posted on the @HowThingsWork_ X page, sent chills down the spines of online users

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Daring snake rescuer catches deadly king cobra in toilet
A well-trained snake rescuer pulled off the ultimate snake rescue — inside a toilet. Image: Hoberman Collection and NHAC NGUYEN
Source: Getty Images

Few things are more daring than going head-to-head with a dangerous reptile, not least the world's longest venomous snake — the king cobra.

One brave man stood up against the slippery serpent, and a video of the encounter spread like wildfire among curious online users.

Slick handler tames venomous king cobra

An 89-second clip on X shows him expertly luring the deadly viper into a 5L plastic water bottle.

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The video was posted on the @HowThingsWork_ page.

The caption read:

"What do you think of this method for catching snakes?"

The quirky question provoked thought as netizens shared their opinions by the hundreds and plenty of other snake-catching videos.

In the initially posted clip, the man, who appears to be from an Asian country and is wearing a firefighter uniform, is seen going to work on capturing the snake inside the toilet at an establishment.

Initially holding the snake by its tail with his right hand while haunched down, he quickly lets go of it — hitting it down gently with his free hand.

The snake surges forward for a mock attack.

He then wriggles his right knee, still in the squatting position, and the threatened snake launches forward again for an attack but misses by an inch.

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The man then picks up the water bottle and craftily holds it to the snake's face after removing its lid.

Distracted, the king cobra hisses and follows the bottle's movements.

When in a threat display, the king cobra can raise the anterior part of its body 0.9 to 1.2 meters off the ground and trail its enemy in this position over considerable distances.

The king cobra will also hiss and flatten its neck ribs into a hood.

In the end, after some careful coaxing from its handler, the snake relents and slithers into the bottle, which the man screws shut.

He then took a pocket knife and made holes in the bottle to allow oxygen to flow into the container.

Netizens floored by slippery surprise

The slick rescue drew enormous plaudits for the snake handler from amazed online users.

Briefly News slipped into the comments section to catch the most interesting reactions to the post, which garnered almost 3.5 million hits, 11,000 likes, 1800 reposts and 1700 bookmarks.

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@Michaeldfl wrote:

"I think it’s a great method for him. I’m not trying that."

@CalisthenicKyle said:

"There are much safer ways."

@DanielRaz_Fit offered:

"That's one brave snake tamer!"

@Stella40156 mentioned:

"Clever, but I prefer a snake stick."

Venomous snake found in little girl's bed

In related news, Briefly News previously reported that a deadly snake was found in a little girl's bed in Australia, and a video of its removal went viral on social media.

The footage shared by @cbsnews on the video platform showed a man in a girl's room trying to remove a venomous snake that had curled up in her bed.

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