Full details about university fees in South Africa 2021: Is it cheap?

Full details about university fees in South Africa 2021: Is it cheap?

Do you want to study for a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate's degree in South Africa? You are not alone. Due to university fees in South Africa, over 800,000 local and international students enrol at the country's universities yearly. The quality education, beautiful learning environment, and competent trainers are what students enjoy from an average institution in the country.

university fees in South Africa
Students enjoy quality education, a beautiful learning environment, and competent trainers from an average institution in the country. Photo: pixabay.com
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Studying in South Africa can be one of the best choices you can make. Although students protested against a rise in tuition fees at some points, there has been a rapid change since then. Currently, several international students apply to some of the schools to further their education.

Is South Africa cheap for studying?

This depends on how much you are willing to part with to get a quality education. Nevertheless, how much does it cost for a year at university? From available data, students can expect to pay about R64,200 when they first gain admission.

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Cost of studying in South Africa

Whether you are interested in knowing the most expensive university in South Africa or having head knowledge, you should not miss vital information about some of their learning institutions.

University of Kwazulu Natal - R3,750

It is one of the citadels of learning in the country that give discounts to students. It has five campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and parades the motto, "Inspiring Greatness." Made up of four colleges, it offers various courses ranging from Agriculture to Engineering, Nursing, Accounting, Law, and Management Studies.

The institution is ranked 4th among the universities in South Africa and offers R3,750 for tuition and R6,500 for both tuition and residence.

University of Free State

The University of Free State is a multi-campus institution in Bloemfontein, the capital of the Free State and the judicial capital of South Africa. It is one of the cheap universities in South Africa, and it runs undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including Education, Health Sciences, Law, Humanities, and Theology. It is ranked 9th in South Africa. Students pay between R14,080 and R49,450 depending on the course.

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University of Cape Town

This is a public research institution located in Cape Town in the Western Cape province of SA, making it the oldest higher education institution in South Africa. The courses it offers include Accounting, Economics, Finance and Tax, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and Medicine.

The tuition fees start at R21,500 for undergraduate programs and R75,000 for international students. It is ranked 2nd in the country. In addition, students at UCT pay study fees for every course taken.

university fees in South Africa
Admitted students to a higher institution of learning. Photo: @dmsiitd_irc
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University of Fort Hare - R58,366 to R84,461

The University of Fort Hare offers a Western-style academic education to students across Sub-Saharan Africa, creating a black African elite. It offers undergraduate and master's programs in courses ranging from Education to Science, Agriculture, Management, Social Sciences, and Law. Students pay between R58,366 and R84,461, depending on the course they apply for.

University of Witwatersrand - R44,150 to R56,510

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Founded in 1896, the University of Witwatersrand is a multi-campus South African public research institution built in the Northern areas of Central Johannesburg. The courses it offers include Accountancy, Economics, Architecture & Planning, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Mining Engineering. The tuition fee is between R44,150 and R56,510.

What is the most expensive university in South Africa?

South Africa is known to have some of the best universities on the African continent, no doubt. But then, some of these institutions are costly, hence the need to be financially stable before considering studying there. A few of the school fees in South Africa include these:

  • University of Pretoria - R35,000 to R45,000
  • Rhodes University - R33,162 to R59,052
  • Stellenbosch University - R43 343 to ​R48 706
  • University of South Africa - R1,743 and R6,722 per module
  • University of Johannesburg - R39,506 to R82,843

Note that masters fees in South Africa can be slightly different. So, you might want to confirm with your school of choice based on the course you want to study.

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Which university is free in South Africa?

Universities offering free education have not been openly disclosed. However, some institutions offer cheap tuition fees with quality education. Are you looking for South African schools with low Bachelor's or Master fees? The following institutions are worth considering:

  • University of Venda (Univen)
  • Nelson Mandela University (NMU)
  • Durban University of Technology (DUT)
  • University of the Western Cape (UWC)
  • University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (Wits)
university fees in South Africa
Graduands rejoicing. Photo: pixabay.com
Source: UGC

Average cost of living in South Africa

The average monthly food budget in South Africa is between R2,000 and R4,000. But then, you can enjoy some discounts on what you buy. The student discounts in South Africa can be used in places like Gold Reef City, TravelStart, and Greyhound. I

University fees in South Africa are reasonable and affordable compared with some other countries that offer quality education. So, if you are considering seeking admission into any of the institutions in the country, it is a good decision.

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