List of all Brenda Fassie songs ranked

List of all Brenda Fassie songs ranked

One cannot talk about influential musicians in South Africa without mentioning the Late Brenda Fassie. Notably, Brenda Fassie is a celebrated global celebrity mostly known for the strong messages she communicated through her anti-apartheid Afropop music. She was not only admired for her music but also loved for her bubbly and striking outrageous personality. Read on to know about the best Brenda Fassie songs.

List of all Brenda Fassie songs ranked
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Who is Brenda Fassie? Brenda Fassie, known to her fans as Mabrr ,was an iconic South African singer whose musical influence touched the hearts of many not only in her country but across the continent. Brenda was referred to as the Black Madonna, Queen of African pop, or sometimes Madonna of the Townships. She embodied a strong stage presence and was very outspoken when it came to political matters in South Africa. When was Brenda Fassie born and what year did Brenda Fassie die? Brenda, mother to Bongani Fassie, was born on November 3rd, 1964 and was pronounced dead on May 9th, 2004, having been on life support after suffering from cardiac arrest. Here is a list of all her tracks that continue to carry her unmatched contribution to the political and musical scenes.

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List of all Brenda Fassie songs ranked

Most of Brenda Fassie songs were about real life, and they told the story of people living in the poorer settlements of Johannesburg where she was a frequent visitor earning her tremendous popularity. Among her notable tracks are Weekend Special, Vul’indlela, and Black President. Here is a list of the ten best Brenda Fassie songs that took the South African pop industry by storm followed by all her other jams.

1. Weekend Special

Brenda Fassie Weekend Special, first released in 1984, is arguably one of her best songs. The song was dubbed as the side-chick anthem and was done by Brenda and the Big Dudes. Weekend Special is the song that made Brenda's musical career shine. Moreover, the tune of this song embodied her blueprint that offers a compelling African tale narrated in inimitable style and complemented by super–catchy afro-disco grooves.

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2. Vul’indlela” (1997)

Brenda Fassie Vuli Ndlela, recorded in 2007, is a celebratory masterpiece about a son that was finally getting married. It became the ultimate wedding anthem in South Africa, and even the Late Nelson Mandela danced to the track during his state visit to Kenya. Brenda Fassie Vul’indlela won the Song of the Decade prestigious award at the 2004 South Africa Music Awards.

3. Black President (1990)

Brenda Fassie Black President is undeniably one of the most popular songs made about the struggles of freedom. This song was done in honor of the late Nelson Mandela and recounts all that he experienced while serving his long prison sentence. Black president was released in 1990 and true to her words (viva, viva, my people) on the record; Mandela was released from jail and became the first black president of South Africa in 1994.

4. Too late for Mama

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Our list of Brenda Fassie popular songs cannot fail to mention Too Late for Mama. Brenda collaborated with another top musician, Chico Twala, on the song and it managed to acquire platinum status in 1989. Brenda Fassie Too Late for Mama recounts the story of a mother who is stricken down by lightning while fetching water. The mother tries to save her baby by hiding under a tree.

5. I Straight Lendaba (1992)

Fassie portrayed herself as a feminist, trendsetter, and a bad girl. It is her unconventional personality that made her get lots of fans all over the African continent. Brenda Fassie I Straight Lendaba refers to how individuals in townships talk. In this case, I Straight Lendaba is translated to ‘I’m telling you straight’ and the track was done at a point in time when Kwaito music popularity was rising in South Africa.

6. Wedding Day

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Brenda Fassie songs Wedding Day is another great wedding banger that took South Africa by storm. Wedding Day is a track that remains one of most played songs in most wedding ceremonies.

7. Soon and Very Soon

Soon and Very Soon is one of the best Brenda Fassie's gospel songs of all time. The melody and everything about the song help uplift one’s spirits while giving them hope of eternal life.

8. Mama

Mama song by Brenda Fassie is one of her best musical works as nothing supersedes a mother’s love and affection. In the song, Brenda is saddened by the untimely death of her mother and expresses her grief. This song resonates well with most people who have lost their mothers or a mother figure in their life.

9. Memeza (1997)

Memeza is one of Brenda Fassie gospel songs that she performed with minimal backing of a choir. The term Memeza means ‘shout’ or ‘scream’, and in this song, Brenda is shouting against people with no mercy.

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10. Higher and Higher (1985)

Even though Higher and Higher was done in the 80s, the song does well in showcasing the legend's lyrical skills. This is one of the reasons that it is among the top ten best Brenda Fassie songs.

11. Ngeke Unconfirm (1995)

Another popular Fassie’s song is none other than Ngeke Unconfirm that was done in 1995. Brenda Fassie Ngeke Unconfirm pop music is of Kwaito nature owing to its bubbly electronics, snail pace four-four kicks and back and forth vocal chants.

Other Brenda Fassie songs listed

Brenda was the queen of music, and here are more tracks that she performed, some with the year they were released.

  • 1984: Let's Stick Together
  • 1986: No No Señor

: Touch Somebody (EP)

: Baby Bongani

  • 1987: Ag Shame Lovey
  • 1988: Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

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: Why did you lie

  • 1989: Don't Follow Me I'm Married
  • 1991: I Am Not a Bad Girl
  • 1992: Yo Baby
  • 1996: Now Is the Time
  • 1997: Paparazzi, Sum' Bulala
  • 1999: Nomakanjani (Jiva)
  • 2000: Thola Amadlozi, Nakupenda
  • 2002: Myekeleni, Mama I'm Sorry
  • 2003: Mali, Ponci Ponci
  • 2001: Mina ngohlala nginje
  • 1990: Ngiyakusaba, Ntsware Ndimbabe
  • 1992: Boipatong , Hara Lebitla
  • 2001: Life is going on
  • 1994: Kuyoze Kuyovalwa
  • 2001: Wewe
  • 1994: Amagents
  • 1989: Good Black Woman
  • 2002: Come Duze
  • 1999: Mpundulu
  • 1997: Qula
  • 1999: Kenang Bohle
  • Abantu Bayakhuluma
  • Akushesh' Akusheshe
  • Amalahle
  • Malibonngwe
  • Ngizobuya
  • Morena
  • Promises
  • Zola Budd
  • It's nice to be with people
  • You just need someone
  • Mirror
  • Ubani ozokufa
  • Ngwanona
  • I Won't Run
  • Monate
  • Shikhebe Shamago
  • My Baby
  • Duma Duma
  • Someone to love
  • Uyang'embarasa
  • Hamba sathane
  • Hero's Party
  • Shoot Them Before They Grow
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd
  • Baxakekile Oxam'
  • Ngizilahlela Kuwe
  • Bump Party Time
  • Generation
  • Hake Batle Sepe
  • Hintoni
  • Ngiyakuthanda
  • Kesiyile Bana Baka
  • Mingi Mingi
  • Orphan
  • Lekwaito
  • Sgubu Se Zion
  • Mbulali Wami
  • Tata Mxolele (Forgive)
  • You Give Me Joy
  • Moya
  • Msindo
  • Vuma
  • Oxamu
  • Tendercar
  • Jail to Jail
  • Kesa Phela (Live Remixed)
  • Kharilitshe
  • Let It Be
  • Shame
  • Phansti
  • Ungishaya Ngaphakathi (Inner Feeling)
  • Matshidiso
  • Ong Shapa Ka Mo Gare
  • S' Enza Sonke
  • Sgaxa Mabhanti
  • Sikelele Baba
  • Siyjola
  • Siyobanana
  • Sungxama
  • Stay Away (from My Man)
  • Street Girl
  • They All Want Me Down
  • Thixo Ongiphile
  • Thula Baby
  • Thula Vicky
  • Umfazi Uyazimela
  • Undikolota Malini
  • Zam'e Next Door

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Even though MaBrr passed away nearly 15 years ago, it is evident that her music continues to live on. Search for Brenda Fassie all songs mp3 free download and listen to the deep messages passed through the songs. Also, you can visit YouTube to view some of Brenda Fassie videos. If you take a look at most of the Brenda Fassie songs above on YouTube, you will see that most of her fans continue to listen, enjoy and groove to her music to date.


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