How to check your own Cell C number: Get easy tips here

How to check your own Cell C number: Get easy tips here

Do you have a new Cell C number that you have not saved or memorised yet? Have you forgotten your Cell C number? Have you lost your phone and need to recover your Cell C number? Typically, most people struggle with the recovery of their registered number and often have to register a new one. If this happens to you, worry not! The process of knowing your number is relatively simple. All you have to do is to key in a specific USSD code and voila! You now will know how to check your own Cell C number!

How to check your own Cell C number
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Cell C is a mobile phone provider that is based in South Africa. It offers access to 2G, 3G and LTE networks. Most South Africans use it because of its reliability, extensive coverage across the country, and affordability. It's not unusual for people to not know their numbers due to various reasons. With this guide, you will quickly know how to check your own Cell C number.

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How to Check Your Number on Cell C

How do I know my Cell C number? There are different ways of doing this. Follow one of these 3 methods to know your number.

Method 1

This is the simplest method of conducting a Cell C number check. All you need to do is to pick up your phone that has the SIM card and do the following.

  • Dial *147#
  • The display gives you 8 different options to select from
  • Choose option 8 (Customer info)

Your number will then be visible on the phone’s display.

Method 2

You can also use another phone belonging to a friend, relative or acquaintance to know your contact. To do this, you need to send a Please Call Me message to their phone using yours. This will not cost you anything.

How do you send a please call me with Cell C?

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  • To do this, dial *111*insert their contact#
  • The other person’s phone will receive a message that shows the sender’s contact. This is the contact you are looking for.
How to check your own Cell C number
How to check your own Cell C number. Photo: @cellcsa
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Knowing how to check my Cell C number is not adequate. All subscribers need to be aware of the different ways of accessing various services. Find all this information below;

How do I load my airtime voucher?

Dial *103*enter recharge pin#

How do I change from prepaid tariff to another tariff?

Dial *147# and choose option 1.

How do I personalise my call back setting?

  • Dial *111*1# and select option 1.
  • Enter your name and press OK.
  • Choose option 1 to activate and personalise the setting.

How do I request for GPRS/MMS settings?

Dial *147# and select option 3.

How do I convert airtime to data bundles?

  • Dial *147#
  • Select option 1.
  • Enter the amount .
  • Key in 1 again to continue.
  • Key in 1 for the second time to finish.

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How do I check my airtime balance?

Dial *101# to retrieve your balance amount

How do I check my cell C subscriptions?

On your phone, dial *133*1# and follow the prompts

How do I make my Cell C number private?

  • To hide your contact temporarily for one call, dial #31# followed by the number you wish to call. Press the dial button.
  • To hide your contact for a longer duration, use your phone settings to keep your contact concealed.
How to check your own Cell C number
How to check your own Cell C number. Photo: @CellC.SouthAfrica
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How do I divert all calls?

  • Dial **21*08414(enter the last 9 digits of your contact)
  • To divert calls whenever you are busy, dial **67*08414(last 9 digits of your contact)#
  • To redirect all calls to voice mail when unanswered, dial **61*08414
  • To cancel all diverts, dial ##002#

How do I block a lost SIM card?

Dial *147# and select option 6 to block.

If these quick ways of quickly solving your phone issues fail to work, you can contact the Cell C service numbers to get further assistance.

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  • You can call the support by dialling 135 on a phone with this service provider's SIM Card. The call is free of charge.
  • You can also call 084 135 from any other service provider contact.

Support services can also be sought via this company’s official social media pages:

Learning how to check your own Cell C number as well as other helpful USSD services is essential for all Cell C subscribers. This information allows you to manage your phone better. In case these methods and simple solutions fail, you can call the company’s support team or reach them on social media. They will be glad to assist you.

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