How to do SIM swap without old SIM on Vodacom, Cell C, MTN, and Telkom

How to do SIM swap without old SIM on Vodacom, Cell C, MTN, and Telkom

SIM swapping helps mobile network users keep their old number when getting a new SIM card. You may need to swap after losing or damaging the old card or to get a microSIM that fits in your new device. Here is how you can do a SIM swap without old SIM card when using various network service providers in South Africa.

sim swap without old sim
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When swapping, customers maintain services from their old SIM. The only thing that changes is your PIN and PUK numbers, while RICA details will be transferred to the new card.

How can I do a SIM swap without old SIM?

You can transfer your old line to a new card when you lose or damage your old SIM card. Below are the different ways to switch SIM without the old card.

How to do a SIM swap on Vodacom without the old SIM

For prepaid customers, follow this procedure for an easy SIM swap without old SIM on Vodacom.

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  1. Buy a new prepaid starter pack and register it for RICA.
  2. Dial 136 from the new SIM.
  3. Choose the option to use your old cellphone number.
  4. You will be connected to a call center consultant who will do the SIM swap for you.
  5. The new card will be activated after between two and 24 hours.

Contract customers will have to visit the nearest Vodacom shop for assistance. Remember to carry your South African ID or passport, current Vodacom telephone number, replaceable contract SIM, and proof of residence to RICA-register the new SIM.

How to do a SIM swap on Vodacom without calling

You can swap using USSD instead of calling Vodacom. After purchasing a new card from a Vodacom store, dial *136# and choose the option to use your old number, then follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Vodacom store to complete the process with the help of a Vodacom agent.

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How to do a SIM swap on Сell С without old SIM?
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How to do a SIM swap on Сell С without old SIM?

Swapping your Cell C SIM without your old SIM card can be done by calling customer service, via self-service, or visiting the nearest store. You will need your old card to swap via SMS.

Before starting the switching process, customers should purchase a new Cell C SIM pack and then RICA the new card (must have your ID or passport and proof of residence to RICA).

To swap using Cell C customer service:

  1. Call 084135 or 135
  2. Choose option 9
  3. Hold the line until a customer care representative comes on to take you through the process.

To swap Cell C SIM via self-service:

  1. Verify that Cell C Self-service is active.
  2. Dial 084135 using another cellphone.
  3. Enter your self-service PIN.
  4. Select SIM swap as your choice.

MTN SIM swap without old SIM

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MTN clients can switch cards by dialing 135 and speaking to an MTN customer representative, via USSD, or by visiting the nearest MTN store. You can only use the SMS option if you have your old SIM. The SIM swap process for USSD is as follows:

  1. Purchase a new MTN card from an MTN store.
  2. Ensure the card is RICA registered and activated.
  3. Dial *135*3# using your new card.
  4. Enter your old number as requested and follow the prompts to finish the swapping process.

SIM swap without old SIM on Telkom

The Telkom SIM swap process can be done at a Telkom store. Remember to carry your South African ID or passport and proof of residence. Your new SIM will be RICA registered at the store, and a Telkom customer agent will help you through the swapping process.

You can also do the process at home. In case you are not sure how here are the instructions on how you can do this process:

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  1. Visit the Telkom RICA website and select 'Start RICA'.
  2. Fill out all of the relevant personal details.
  3. Finish the process but submit the details given.
  4. Submit your proof of ID and residence to the email sent after submission.
  5. Lastly, include a photo of yourself which will be verified by them to confirm it is you.

Note: SIM swap USSD and SMS services are not available for Telkom users.

Can I get the same number if I lose my SIM?

How to do a SIM swap on Сell С without old SIM?
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Yes. The process is made possible through SIM swapping for both prepaid and contract customers.

What happens if I just switch SIM cards?

You will not lose the services offered on the old card since they are linked to the mobile number, and your RICA details will be moved to the new SIM. However, the PUK and PIN numbers will change after switching.

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What is required for a SIM swap?

You will need a new SIM that can be purchased at the nearest mobile network stores. The card should then be RICA registered and activated. If you make the switch at the store, ensure you have your identity documents and proof of residence.

What is the code for SIM swap on Vodacom?

Simply dial *136# from your new SIM, or dial 135 to speak to a call centre agent.

How do you get a new SIM card with the same number?

Visit your mobile service provider's store or an authorized retailer with a valid identification document. Request a SIM swap, where you'll undergo a verification process to confirm your identity and ownership.

What number to dial for an MTN SIM swap?

For MTN users, once your SIM is registered, dial *135*3# on your phone. Enter your old number as prompted, and then follow the provided instructions to complete the SIM swapping process.

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What are the benefits of a SIM swap?

The benefits of a SIM swap include retaining your cellphone number on the new SIM, keeping all existing bundles, services, airtime, and maintaining any applicable discounts and promotions.

Doing a SIM swap without old SIM is an easy and straightforward process for contract and prepaid customers. You can complete the process at home or visit the nearest shop for assistance from a customer representative.

SIM swap without old SIM
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