How to do a Telkom SIM swap at home or check your phone number 2024

How to do a Telkom SIM swap at home or check your phone number 2024

Whether you have had your phone lost or stolen, or need a new SIM for whatever other reason, you may think that doing a SIM swap may be a long and gruelling process. However, if you have the necessary information, it can be a breeze and only take a couple of minutes with professional assistance. In this article, we discuss if it is possible to do SIM swap on Telkom without calling the helpline and other useful bits of information for users of the service provider.

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Once the time comes where you may need a new SIM card for whatever reason, you may think you have to go the painful process of getting a new number and changing your details, as well as giving all of your contacts your new number. Although certain aspects like checking your phone number and RICAcan be done at home, the unfortunate news is that you need a consultant at a branch to activate your new SIM and do the process.

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There is a common misconception that you can do a Telkom SIM swap at home in just a few minutes, but you do need to visit a branch for this process. The good news is that although you need to go into a branch, this is done at basically no cost. The Telkom SIM swap price only includes how much it costs to get a new SIM itself, which is currently just R1.

What do I need for a Telkom SIM swap?

First, you can purchase a Telkom starter pack and then RICA the new SIM card. Once that is done, take a valid form of identification (ID, passport etc.) along with proof of residence from recent months and to a Telkom store, where a consultant will do the rest of the process with you there.

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How do I RICA my Telkom SIM card?

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In case you are not sure how here are the instructions on how you can do this process at home:

  • Visit the Telkom RICA website and select 'Start RICA'
  • Fill out all of the relevant personal details
  • Finish the process but submit the details given
  • Submit your proof of ID and residence to the email sent after submission
  • Lastly, include a photo of yourself which will be verified by them to confirm it is you.

How to do a SIM swap on Telkom

Since learning you cannot do the entire process by yourself, you may be left wondering 'How do I do a SIM swap on Telkom in that case?' Knowing how to port from Telkom to Telkom is left to the consultant to worry about as you do not need to do the process from your side. All you need to ensure is that you bring your required documentation and liaise with the consultant assigned to your request.

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You can check things like what your new cellphone number is without assistance. Photo: Xavier Lorenzo
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How do you do a SIM swap online?

As mentioned earlier, unfortunately, there is no quick Telkom SIM swap self-service number or Telkom SIM swap USSD code for you to use as you cannot do the process at home. But, you can check for your phone number if you are unsure of what it is since it is new. Simply dial *1# and your phone number will immediately show on the screen.

Knowing how to do a Telkom SIM swap at home or check your phone number seems useful, but ultimately, you can only do limited things on your own with the Telkom service before you need to turn to professionals for further assistance.

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Knowing how the entire application process works as well as other details about the contracts you sign will ensure you are not left unpleasantly surprised down the line.

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