Private number code for MTN: A simple guide to keep your calls private

Private number code for MTN: A simple guide to keep your calls private

A caller ID helps you identify unwanted calls, from unwelcome sales solicitation calls to automated spam calls and individuals you may want to avoid. Using a private code from your end helps you to get a hold of someone without divulging your personal information. What is the private number code for MTN?

private number code South Africa
Using a private number code in South Africa can hide your identity and help avoid security risks. Photo: MTN’s Facebook page (modified by author)
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A private number on MTN has various benefits. Hiding your number on MTN can help you contact whomever you need without providing personal details. Providing certain individuals with your personal information can pose a security risk, and others you must contact may avoid your calls for whatever reason.

To remain anonymous, you can call off a different phone or download an app that hides your number and other details. However, a simple USSD code is as effective in hiding your cell phone number. How can you put your MTN number on private?

Private number code for MTN

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The private number code for MTN in South Africa is #31#. Hostziza reports that the #31# private number will help you maintain anonymity each time you use the code. Here is how to set up a private number on MTN:

  • Open your phone call tab.
  • Enter the #31# private number.
  • Enter the number you want to call following the private number code.
How can you make your number private on MTN?
You can use the code #31# followed by the cell phone number to hide your caller ID as an MTN customer. Photo: MTN’s Facebook page (modified by author)
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Private number codes for other service providers

Like MTN, Vodacom's private number code is #31#. Telkom's private number code is the same as Cell C's. The USSD code is used nationwide for all South African cell phone service providers.

What happens if you dial #31*?

There is some confusion regarding what the #31* code can produce, as it is similar to the USSD code used to make your number private. Despite the similarity of these codes, the #31* code is not known to do anything regarding outgoing calls, and an automated voice on the call will state that there was an error made in the call.

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What is the code for a private number?

Different codes are used globally for private numbers. According to Google Help, the code to make your number private within the United States of America (USA) is *67. Enter this code before entering the number you wish to call, and your number will appear anonymous to the call's receiver.

How does a customer unhide their private number?

If you want to display your number for whatever reason and your cell phone's settings are already set to private, here are the steps to remove the anonymous feature on an Android, regardless of your service provider:

  • Open the call option on your cell phone.
  • Look at the screen's top right corner, which will display your cell phone's 'settings' function.
  • Scroll down until you see the 'SIM card settings' option.
  • Select the 'carrier features' option, displaying all the SIM cards inserted in the cell phone (where applicable).
  • Choose the relevant SIM card and enter the 'additional settings' option.
  • Select the 'caller ID' option that gives you the 'network default', 'hide number', or 'show number' options.
  • Select the 'show number' option to activate your caller ID.

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Frequently asked questions from MTN customers

Now that you know how to make your number private as an MTN customer, what other helpful information is there to know about the service provider? Here are the most commonly asked questions by MTN customers:

What is an MTN upgrade, and when can it be done?

Once you have become an MTN customer and signed a 24-month contract, you qualify for a contract renewal after the 21st completed month. You can upgrade your contract from this point, which includes your preferred cell phone device and associated fees. If your contract is over 24 months, the timeframe will be longer, and you can contact customer care to confirm when you are due for an upgrade.

Private number code MTN
You can use MTN’s search function to see whether you qualify for an upgrade. Photo: MTN’s official website and MTN’s Facebook page (modified by author)
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Can you upgrade your MTN contract earlier?

You can request to upgrade your contract before the allocated timeframe. However, you need to settle the remaining balance of your contract fees and may be subjected to an early upgrade fee.

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What are the benefits of upgrading your contract?

Some benefits of upgrading your contract include receiving a brand new device, having no credit cards necessary, browsing and choosing the latest MTN deals to save money, maintaining your current cell phone number, and receiving the most value for money.

How can you cancel your MTN contract?

You can contact MTN customer care or visit your nearest MTN store to talk to a consultant who can assist you with the cancellation process. The consultant will provide you with a detailed breakdown of associated cancellation costs, and there is a 30-day notice period for cancellation.

Does MTN offer insurance on their products?

MTN provides insurance on its products. As a licensed Financial Services Provider (FSP), MTN uses insurance industry leaders to provide customers with top-notch coverage.

Entering the private number code for MTN will help you remain anonymous, preserving your personal information and avoiding any potential security risks regarding your information. The private number code enables you to be anonymous as and when necessary without constantly activating the phone's anonymous settings each time you want to place a private call.

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