Iqbal Surve biography: wife, family, house, pics, social media accounts, companies and net worth

Iqbal Surve biography: wife, family, house, pics, social media accounts, companies and net worth

You might have heard of him through the headlines of most media stations and did not understand why he became famous. The assumption that most people make is that he is a doctor. Going though Dr Iqbal Surve biography will create a better picture of who he really is.

Iqbal Surve biography: wife, family, house, pics, social media accounts, companies and net worth

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Dr Surve is a renown entrepreneur, business leader and a doctor. He is also a philanthropist. He is famous for being the Chairman of the Sekunjalo Group. Sekunjalo Group is an Investment Holding Conglomerate that has investments in more than seventy companies in the continent, both private and public. Being the founder of such an influential company, going through Dr Iqbal Surve biography will provide highlights on the history of the company.

Who is Iqbal Surve?

Dr Iqbal Surve is a social entrepreneur, medical doctor, a global business leader, and a philanthropist. He was born in 1963. He was brought up in a family background that was not so well off. By then apartheid had taken roots in the country, and like any other black South African, he suffered the impact that it brought forth.

During the seventies and eighties, he got into politics and had a leadership position. He served in the African National Congress (ANC). By then, the country was still struggling with the effects of apartheid. He was also a 'struggle doctor' because he used to offer medical assistance to the victims of apartheid.

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By the time the apartheid regime was coming to an end, Iqbal had made up his mind to focus on his career as a medical doctor. Fair enough, he had interacted with several political leaders, the likes of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela appointed him as his medical doctor. He also landed the opportunity of becoming the doctor of the national soccer team.

By the mid-'90s, Surve and his colleagues were frustrated by the way the country's economy was. According to them, the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) was of benefit to specific people. That ideology led to the formation of Sekunjalo Group. Sekunjalo Group was an investment holding whose main aim was to provide gentler capitalism and also make people feel that they matter apart from the profits. The organization also aimed at raising the lives of the South Africans who were disadvantaged. Dr Mohamed Iqbal became the first CEO of the organisation. He served as CEO until 2007. His net worth is greatly influenced by the investment company.

Dr Iqbal Surve success

Iqbal Surve biography

Image:, @Dr Iqbal Surve
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Being the founder of an investment company that has so much influence in the country and the continent at large, it goes without question that the businessman has had good breaks in his venture. He has been accorded several awards for his contribution to the continent's business and entrepreneurship sector. His company was nominated as one of the "New Champions" during the WFE in 2007. He has also received accolades for being one of the most influential business leaders with the ability to shape the future of the African continent.

Apart from being a committed entrepreneur, he is also the head of Independent media.

Dr Iqbal Surve family

The successful businessman has kept details of his family private. He, however, has a daughter whom he speaks so fondly of. The name of his daughter is Saarah.

Dr Iqbal Surve latest news

Recently, Iqbal Surve topped the headlines of most stations for being alleged to have tried to give a bribe. According to the allegations that were tabled against him, the doctor had tried to give Mr Kevin Hardy of Ayo technologies a bribe. According to the allegations that Mr Hardy tabled before the judiciary, Mr Iqbal had gone to the extent of offering to relocate his family to an apartment in Cape Town and pay all the bills for the house and his children's expenses.

According to the allegations, the doctor had ordered Mr Kevin Hardy to tamper with the figures in the interim results. He wanted results that would insinuate that the figures that would be sent to the public domain would indicate inflation in the country. The results were released in May.

When asked to comment about the matter, the spokesperson of Sekunjalo Holdings said, "Dr Survé rejects the notion that the suggestion to relocate Mr Hardy and his family to Cape Town was a bribe. There was nothing untoward in the suggestion that Mr Hardy relocate or that his relocation expenses be covered".

The spokesperson of Sekunjalo Investment Holdings went ahead to say that the context of the request to have Hardy move was timely and had nothing to do with bribery.

Dr Iqbal Surve is one of the South African business moguls whose contribution to the country's economy is quite significant. He also says that he was among the doctors that provided medical assistance during the apartheid regime. He also says that he was the personal doctors of Nelson Mandela.



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